Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A source of happiness ~ Blog Challenge Day 31

Finally, it's Day 31.
Somehow I don't feel like I deserve to write something like this. An inspiring note as the closure for this blog challenge. I might not have enough experience compare to the other but I try to write based on what I feel. It is also kind of a reminder for me. Here, it's 297 words...

It’s beautiful when everyone around you is smiling. It is not just the curves on their faces, it is the sincerity that appears on their lips and shone through their glimmering eyes. If you haven’t noticed that, take a look at their faces whenever you’re around them. Look at them in their eyes, and cherish that moment. Preferably when they aren't looking at you, so that you’ll see their truest smile. Keep it in your mind, and treasure it in your heart. When my friends are happy, I’m always happier than them. And why is that? A smile from other can always instantly lift my spirit up. So why don’t you do the same? Smile :) Happiness is not something that you can generate by yourself. You need it from someone else. You can’t expect to be happy alone. If there’s something that you dislike about them, look for the things that make you admire them. It might be their smile, the way they act when they’re excited, or maybe how restless they can be. Often in times of anger or dissatisfaction, we overlook the good side of them. That isn’t fair. You’ll never know what they truly feel inside. You’ll never know if they’re secretly crying, trying to hide the fact that they’re sorry. Maybe you won’t even know, if they're feeling sorry for the things that are totally fine with you. No matter what will happen, you mustn't think of you alone. When it becomes too hard for you to handle, ask for His Guidance. He will never let you go through things alone. In fact, He's always there with you. Sometimes when you look back, you can tell that it was Him working. Friends are gift from God, love them with all your heart. 

p/s to blog challenge host, this blog challenge had been a great journey for me ^^
Opened my mind in various ways


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