Monday, July 8, 2013

Families ^^ ~ Blog Challenge Day 8

            I don’t really like to talk about my family.  I mean, they are too precious for me that I tend to keep my most honest opinion about them to myself. I usually share the funny ones only. It just doesn’t feel right to make it public publicly. Nevertheless, I still feel excited since this is something.

          Family or kazoku in Japanese, is my top priority in life. The reason I didn’t have the kind of life that people would describe as ‘life’ before was I tend to stay at home with them. It always come to my thought that later on, when I pursue my study, I won’t be able to stay 24/7 at home and feel the kind of comfort you can only get from home. So I tried to make my times at home as worth as possible. I and my sisters are not allowed to own handphone before we finish our SPM. That wasn’t a disadvantage for us because we can go online to connect to our friends. We actually had time for each other. I remember those days waiting for the quiet of the nights to come and I and my sister will tell each other what happened in school that day. I was the only one who went to Malay school. I usually stay alone at home after school, so I used that time to do chores and watch youtube videos. That was my routine for at least two years. Sometimes I’ll try to bake with my very poor skill, so of course my baking weren’t good at all but my sisters ate them anyway. That’s one thing about me and my sisters, we don’t care if our baking doesn’t look like the way it is supposed to be. As long as it tastes good, we’ll eat them. I remember them fighting over the poor pizza I tried to bake. Haha. I remember the pandan cake my sister bake, she experimented it with almond and as a result, it was too sweet. The only two people who ate the cake were me and my father. We keep saying that the almond is a great idea. Oh, I guess I’m sharing another thing here, I love my mother’s pumpkin cake. Oh, I’m craving now.  

           I like to call myself as the Head Princess, as I’m the eldest among five daughters. Yeap, we’re all girls. Last year’s holiday, four of us bought the same style of clothes. The only difference was the colour. The last one didn’t get one because my mom bought her a few Barbie’s CDs and new Barbie’s bag and a few other new stuffs. Plus, there was no size for her and teenagers’ style would look awkward on little kid. The shop owner asked us, if we’re friends and we were like okay…awkward moment there.

When I came to Tawau two years ago, I slowly develop friendship with my two new families here. They’re the TESL family and St. Paul family.

~TESL Family~

Since there’re only 49 of us, it’s easy to get along with everyone. Of course I needed time, in fact I still need it but I can say that our bond is quite strong. I don’t worry much as we still have time to really deepen our bond. We have 3 person walked out of the campus, but I know that they aren’t walking out from our family. Earlier this year, 2 people came in and now they’re part of us too.

~St.Paul Family~

They are the reason I feel motivated to come back to Tawau whenever our holiday ends. There’s this feeling I’ll always get when we get together. I can’t describe the way I feel but you can be sure that I’m comfortable with it. Being the eldest, I’ve always wanted older brothers and sisters. Here in this family, I feel blessed to have all of them. I can finally be the little sister. They are the greatest blessing I get here.


Nurul Syafiqah said...

that part about cooking :') makes me miss cooking at home and having my family eat them even though my cooking was bad sometimes.

Claire said...

I miss home too :')