Friday, July 5, 2013

Childhood Dreams ~ Blog Challenge Day 5

To tell the truth, there's not much I can think about when I started writing for this challenge. But still there's some. So here they are ...

As I got a little bit older, the library slowly became my playground. That was when I thought of the dreams I'm going to tell. 
I dream of owning my own tuition center, with a nursery service. 
I dream of owning a bookstore with a cafe in it. Just imagine you get to read with nice cup of hot chocolate!

Those are the first few things that came into my mind. 

When I reread my draft, I was like, did I not have life?
Of course like the other kids, I dream of meeting my prince charming played pretend marriage with my cousins. To stay close to my bestfriends. To visit every possible country. But those things meant nothing to me right now. I mean, I don't think of it the way I did when I was a kid. 

I guess I didn't dream big enough. Not enough to have something to remember. Well, my childhood has two sides, and I guess that one side affected me too much. I'd say that it affected me in a bad way. Oh well, it still made me who I am now. 

So far, this is the hardest challenge. I can barely think of anything right now. Wait, I think I can still write something, I when I was six, I wished that school is just a playground. 
Sigh, I hope I'll remember the bright side of my childhood. 

I can't wait to read what the other blogger has to say about this topic so write up^^ 


Nurul Syafiqah said...

I've read other posts on this particular title. But I think yours is the best so far :)
"I guess I didn't dream big enough." Never too late to start dreaming again, mandy :) we are all kids at heart.

SolehaDee said...

"I dream of owning a bookstore with a cafe in it. Just imagine you get to read with nice cup of hot chocolate!"
This is awesome..:)

Veronica Tai Poi Ling said...

"I wished that school is just a playground." for me it was really a playground, i enjoyed it so much, awesome, no burden, no stress...