Monday, November 26, 2012

Earphone or Headphone?

When you are in situation where you have to choose either one of them, which one will you choose? Sometimes it's easy but sometimes it can be tough. You're sweating and your look at them as if they're threatening you with a great feeling of regret if you do not pick them. Exaggerating much? Well, that's actually how it felt every time I walk into the store. 

I don't think anyone could ever deny that these items are essential. Though you might not be using them all the time, there are times when you're going to need them. I'm the best example here. I prefer listening to songs without anything plugged in to my ear. Same goes to watching movies from my laptop. I'm not a movie maniac anyway. It just feel awkward to be completely separated from the surrounding. What if I missed something? What if something bad is happening and I didn't hear the warning? What if I miss the alarm clock? The what if list goes on... There are too many situations to think of. However there are times when I will be very grateful to have them. Especially when I'm away from home. When I'm in the campus they are so many times when you'll be likely to see me with earphone. Especially when I'm in my dorm room. Okay I don't use earphone all the time in my room. In fact I rarely use them! It's just not not cool to miss what is happening in the surrounding right? I listens to songs and watches movies without the earphone even when there are people around. I have to admit that it's a little snob but I think it's better than damaging my eardrums. The volume aren't loud anyway, just suitable for my hearing. 

 I can't understand people who wear earphone or headphone all day long. I've tried it and I found it damaging. But sometimes there are times when I will desperately put on my earphone. I can't stand listening to people talking when I'm about to sleep or when I'm sleeping. Don't you hate that feeling? Simple chat is okay but the long one with such inconsiderate volume, they seriously bring out the worst out of me. That's when I'll put on my earphone to get lost from the real environment. Just turn up the volume and I'm now in my own world. It is not my favourite situation. 

Earphones are handier in my opinion. You can keep them in your pocket or purse. You can even use them without people knowing. It will probably save you from listening to boring lecture or presentations without being caught. However I do not recommend you to do that. What if you do get caught? What if people do the same thing to you? 

Earphones are also friendlier. Can you separate your headphone when you want to listen to a song together with your friend..or that someone? It's fun when you can share the earphone with your friend. The term is romantic if you are sharing it with you special one. In my situation mentioned earlier, I don't have to worry even if I fell asleep with my earphone on. Less damage. 

In my opinion, headphones are great. They provide you with a great satisfaction in the audio. Especially if you are willing to spend more money on them. When you want listen to songs in their maximum volume without them actually hurting you ear too much. 

I think it's better to have both of them. You can use them according to your situation. Plus headphones are great fashion accessories. Earphones and headphones nowadays are getting trendier than before. They are a lot of cute and awesome design in the market nowadays, which become one of the list of consideration in buying them. However the sound quality should be the first priority. 

Earphone or headphone? Earphone I would say. Maybe this isn't a big deal at all but I think that it is quite an interesting topic. So which one will you pick? 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Random

Hello peeps! How's your holiday going so far? Good eh? I'm going to talk about mine here. Well, obviously! *grins*

I've been waking up real late these days, just as I expected. I tried to wake up early but my body refused. To think about it, it's normal when you sleep at 1 + am. Yeah, I do that.

So far I haven't done anything spectacular yet (lol will I do any?) but I do think of doing something. And I think I've been gaining back the weight I lost in campus. Part of me is saying 'don't worry, you'll lose them back in campus' and another part of me is saying 'hey you wanna look good in events'. So I'm kind of sinking into dilemma. To work out or not to work out? Lol what kind of dilemma is that? The answer will come silently. Next thing I know is I'm already living the answer. That's how it usually works.

Right now I am able to let my mind think of things I didn't let myself think at campus. You know things people call hobby and passion, that will eventually get so addictive and tempting and will probably cause the the procrastination of homework and assignments.

      There were a lot of times like that at campus...
               I got into my room, I had my lunch, I went online, I opened the files to my homework, I searched for the information I may need, and I when I was about to finally finalize my work, I thought of a new project. I started drafting it, then I went to do a project I that I haven't finishes yet. My homework, uhmm...I think there's no explanation needed.
               That's not the only thing... instead of getting dressed after shower, I went straight to my project. If it is a crochet project, I will set myself to get one row done. But what happen is many rows passed and I haven't move an inch from the chair. It's goes on and on.

Last three weeks in campus was very hard. The process of getting my brain ready for the exam was a very hard moment. Harder than when I was facing SPM. When it was time for the exam I was like, just give your all Mandy! The first exam, it was like a battle. I kept shooting but I didn't know how many bullets actually hit the targets. All will be answered later. Enough of exam.

Oh my, gone back to the before holiday business! My my, I should have written about my holiday.

I've spent my time crocheting, cooking and  I also watched some Harvest Moon fanimation.  I can't explain how I love holiday. Haha. Oh and yeah, I followed my father to his farm. I didn't get to do much thing though as there were two little kids with us. I had to keep my eyes on them. I kept yelling at them to not do this and that. Man they're so energetic! I wanted to help in clearing up the farm but those kid keep me away from doing all those things. Despite of not being able to do farm works, I still get serious sunburn that last until today. They are still visible.

This holiday I had a lot of time to practice my photoshop skill *grins* Don't get me wrong, I won't use them for the wrong purpose. Ever since I know photoshop I always wanted to learn more. There are a lot of things you can do with that. It is one of the most brilliant software ever.

There are still a lot of things I haven't done. No problem, I'll get them done as many as I can! Yeah, I will do that! For that I now end this entry right here. You know, I still have a lot of things to write but it didn't feel right to throw them all in one entry. Well, bye for now!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Life is sweet when you are where you belong to

Being home really makes me forgot to check my phone because I know that everyone is busy holidaying so no one would bother calling anyone except if they're any important matter. They are hardly any. Just now when I logged in facebook I got know that today's date is very unique. 10/11/12. What a perfect sequential date. So I thought why not I blog. I have nothing to hold me back. Like yeah, finally!

It's the second day I'm home. Yeap, I'm home since yesterday. If you could see me I'm having a big smile! You know that yellow and black smiley face? Haha, I'm joking. I'm really looking forward for this holiday! 

I shall write a little description on how it was before I was home yesterday, right? As I mentioned in my last entry (or entries?) Me and my classmates needed to sit for our examination. It was a lot of stress. Well, since we have to rely on it to get into our degree program next year. We have tried all we can do, we have given all we can give. Now we're fingercrossing on the result. Now I'm going to forget about the exam and only think about it again when the result is going to be revealed. 
One thing I learned about life so far is, things are going to be the same, at least for a portion of your life, so it's up to you to play it to the same beat over and over again or you can modify the sound. Get it? 

Coming home this time was a little smoother than last year. Well, minus the delay and little schedule interruptions at campus. As the plane was landing I saw the sky getting cloudier and drops of rain were hitting the window. We were lucky enough because the plan weren't diverted. It only rained heavily when we finally landed. When me and Lion finally settled ourselves in the taxi, we were over the moon.   

Okay, I'm going to miss campus life. #Highlight# my friends in campus. I really love them. And I'm also gonna miss St.Paul. It was officially a church last October. Me and the whole members of St.Paul were so happy . For some reason I feel blessed and touched at the same time. The church was supposed to be made official since 2009 but it felt as if they waited for us the junior to come in. I guess I shall write more about this in another entry. 

I'm also gonna miss the seniors. It was an emotional moment to part with them. It's harder this year as I've already started socializing with them. I know that I can expect it to get harder the years to come. Seniors, I believe that we will meet again someday. Who know we might work together in the future right? There's always hope :)

I'm ending this entry here. There are a lot of things I'm looking forward to. Ahhh I'm too excited!  Someone cool me down because I need to start enjoying this holiday. 

Happy Holiday to All of You!