Monday, February 28, 2011

Last year 1st sem holiday

Last year punya cuti 1st sem, saya ada pulang kampung di Ranau. Kami satu family pergi tidur 1 malam di kebun daddy saya di Toupos.  Ada masa sebelum pulang jadi kami 5 adik beradik pigilah main air. Haha! Tidak puas mandi mandi saja, mau juga berseni kunun. Hee~ Adik saya sudah kacau itu tanah di siring-siring sungai jadi saya kacau tu batu batu sajalah. hehe!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aiming to be Rapunzel

We all know who Rapunzel is(or was?).
She's a girl who got a very long hair.
I really want a very very long hair like her except I want mine black.
I'm doing everything to make my hair grow as fast as it can.
Things I do :
hair mask
hot oil treatment
massage my scalp
braid my hair(I read about it on youtube so I guess I'll give it a try)
applying coconut oil everyday

So far I've been doing well. I'll be looking for more methods.
Right now I have a lot of formula for hair mask and I'll be adding more!

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm not kindness
I'm not love
I'm not hatred
I'm not sadness
I'm not ego
I'm not hypocrite

I'm just a someone who need to decide which one should I be today
And sometimes do mistakes by picking the wrong one
Or simply try to mix them and end up in disaster
After all I'm still learning

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Talking Justin Bieber

Well, as the title said. I just need to write my opinions somewhere so why not here?
I don't remember when did I knew him. But I do remember how. I sister was on the laptop then she played a song in youtube(if I'm not mistaken). She asked me"you think it's a guy or a girl?". I was like, 'uhm, a boy?" it sounded a little bit like a girl but if there's nothing wrong she won't ask me like that. Then she said to me,"sounded like a girl right?" . She asked me to watch it video but I refused I said I was lazy but I think it was because I was shocked that it was a boy. She played it a few times so I just listened to it. The next time when I was thinking of him I imagined him as a young boy with a blonde hair. And guess what he is!

For me he is one of the lucky YouTube musician to be discovered.
What we can clearly see now is a lot of people hate him. I watch a youtube video before and I saw more dislikes than likes. It was the first time I ever watch a video with more disliker. Well, it's their choice to push which button.

The first reaction when I first saw his face was like, indescribable. I didn't know whether I think him cute or what. I have to admit that I like some of his songs.

I think the things that made me dislike him was his music video. I just think that he's too young for that scene. I watched like two or three and then I decided not to like him. That was last year I think. Now things are different. He's getting older and I can't wait to see what will he look like later.  Hope he will sing a better song.

Hitz fm shared a link few days ago. It was a video of CSI, the episode where Bieber showed up. It's the scene when Bieber got shots and die. All the comments to video were wishing it would be real, wishing him to really die. I was so bothered by that. Dunno if get so religious or what but wishing or someone to die is too much!

Okay, that is all my opinion. Maybe few things missing but that's okay with me. I 'm neutral about him. I don't love but I don't hate it either. You can find me singing his song or giving bad comments on him. Well, I guess that's all and sorry I you don't like my topic. n.n

Monday, February 21, 2011

How did I became a YouTuber?

YouTube was not an odd thing for me. I just don't watch videos in YouTube a lot.
Last year I forced myself to look for instrumental songs in YouTube because we need it for drama.
After the drama ended, then I kinda forgot that YouTube existed. wow...

Then one day(still last year), I was just boring maybe. Nothing to do so...I actually forgot how did I suddenly opened youtube page. Maybe I was just too stressed, face worsen and I just want this acne to get off my face.
So I searched how to make my own mask at home. I searched a lot but some videos are annoying. They talk more which I hated. Well, they weren't talking something useful. 

Suddenly I pressed this one video and I really like the content. All the steps she showed were so easy to follow and she was using stuff that I can get easily. I found more videos of her and kind of addicted to her.  
I made an account soon after that. Then I found more videos and they're not all about the mask thing. I started to watch videos about hair, and make up which I only watch and never try them.. Actually I did try some. Hee~

After that, checking my subscriptions was like something I must do everyday. That weren't the only things I searched. I like music, so searched for singer. I like digital art, so searched for photoshop tutorial. Sometimes I even searched for the drama that I've missed.

Here are my favourite channels:

Check them out. Especially the last one.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

nom nom nom

I have 3 chocolates at the moments. I just go to grocery store with my mom and I can't stop myself from getting them. Of course I  didn't buy them all at one time. hee...But I just don't have appetite to eat them. My tongue feel like, weird. You when when you're sick? That the feel. It has been bothering me since before CNY. Weird cuz I don't really take cold drinks, or ice cream. I dislike this. Ruin my sleep. But tonight I really want to eat one of them. I'm having cadbury now! nom nom nom

I never really done something like this why not?

1. take a picture of yourself now

2. do not change your clothes, do not fix your hair. just take a picture

3. post that picture with NO editing

4. post these instructions with your picture

5. tag 10 people to do this


Hee...jarang2 ba saya buat benda yang men tag2 ni. Tapi ini macam best jadi buat sajalah. Nasib ada kamera. Hoho...I was wearing my very favourite clothes. I always use it when I'm going to bed. If I'm not mistaken my mummy made it when I was 10 years old. Sampai sekarang masih bagus dan masih muat. All of my cousins know this clothes. About the girl in the picture. I think I added numbers to my weight. No....I have to admit that I'm out from my healthy eating style this week. Ghahaha! I'm laughing because I'm doing this! It is almost 1 a.m

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To do list no.2 & 3

To do list no.2 and no.3 are pretty much the same.
No.2~Finish A Di Bu
No.3~Finish Forget me not

Must finish them this year...tapi terlalu banyak godaan...haih!
Must finish A di bu this year~ I started it about 4 years ago. Sampai sekarang belum siap siap. Cammanalah tu?
Forget me not. I started it about this year or the end of last year. Lupa sudah....yang pasti not long ago

Usually when I start to concentrate I must be wanting to do something. Exp: writing this blog and games...

Not really much to write. I just feel like writing. Now I'm learn some html continue to write the stories and date with my bed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Talking 14Feb and ...heh!

14 February? Well it is just another day like everyone say. So why do I want to talk about it?
Before I get into secondary school I thought I'm going to celebrate valentine day with someone.
Huahahaha! It's a little funny...

Now it's kinda one of the date I'm waiting for each month. Why? The very next day I'll be having a monthly picture. Must be on 15 hb. The date of my birthday.

Back to 14 February. I still remember the day when one of my friend got chocolate from someone. Cadbury chocolate with Hazelnut. She shared it with us(me and other classmate). I was thinking why do she want to share it with us? If I'm the one who was given the chocolate, I'll be hiding it in my beg. Will tell no one. Sigh, I was hoping for someone to give me one.

That year he was separated from our class. His exam results weren't good enough to make him stay with us. Well, we never get together though. Never even talk. There was 'hi' and 'bye' sometimes.
When we were in form 2, when 2007 was still young, we did talk. I thought things between us will get better again. I thought we'll be chatting again like we did the year before. But it end up with my disbelieve when he told me his real birthday is actually on March. Why didn't I believe? Now I know that not all birthday date on people IC are real.

Before the PMR exam, our class need to use another class because our class will be used for that exam. When we go home that evening we actually did talk! Smile on my face all the way home. He actually talked to me! Crushing again, but then I realized it's not a good thing to do as me to him.

There's someone I know who's birthday is on 14 Feb. My classmate before but he moved to another school. I used to have a big crush on him. Only crush. Probably the longest crush I ever had. For two years maybe. How do I know that? After he moved, I started to realized that he(the one I talked earlier) moved too. How can I didn't realize he moved? I know that I'm still in love with him until now. He was the first one. It'll never changed. It's a little funny because I have my first love but I have never been in a relationship!

I've been writing this blog since yesterday! It's now 12.18 a.m. I started around 11.30 + +.
Anyway, Happy Valentine Day to all! It's not necessary to have a partner to celebrate this day.
You can just wake up, go to Hiap Lee or any other stores you prefer, buy a chocolate or your favourite food and eat them.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

So, I'm not blogging so often right?

I love blogging but right now I haven't have something to encourage me. Huahahaha, why so? you are not going to answer anyway....hee..>.<

Recently, maybe it was last night, I've been thinking about gaining followers? Why have blog but have nothing in it and no followers?...
Will think of gaining follower later. I know it will be hard because here is not like tumblr where you can say follow me or promo for promo. Yeah, I've been thinking about tumblr but I guess not now. Save it for later where my life will get busier then ever and I need something to encourage me online. Other than Facebook~hee

maybe other reason is I'm a little tired of html. I joined about a year ago after I deactivate my facebook. When you want to post pictures, put music in diaries, profile background...everything is about html. It even attack my diaries sometimes. I was sharing something and when I click beautiful html language appears. Really hurts my eyes!Luckily I found this very helpful group namely TinierMe HTML Guild. I'm not so mad after that.

I know this blog is not free from html. It's an online program anyway. Which websites do not require html?
I'll be learning it later. Now focus on vocal training.

I think that is all today.
Will encourage myself to blog often.
And hope that I will be gaining more followers.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

bla bla bla blog?

I don't really know what to write here. My sister just ask me to make a....I don't know what to call it but I think she is taking chance on me. fuu...she know I like to do such things. Yep, I like to make new formula. I realized that when I made one for Geography to remember which months, which seasons...if only I made it earlier...I made it when PMR is around the corner...guess I'll make it for her later.
 Thinking of new blog. O.o

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Glad I have it back!

     I lost my passion in camera for a while and I really glad I have it back. I just raped my camera!Lol! I really try to be as creative as I can like I always did before. Gonna make edit some of them a little bit later before uploading it to facebook.ghahahaha! Owh damn! I can't use this photoshop! What is wrong with it!Now I have to find another editor program.
     Maybe I'm gonna be uploading a video to my youtube account. hee...I had two videos already but I really want to do something different. I was thinking of me sing. Singing has been my biggest passion since I was little but I lost it. I feel shame to sing infront others, my voice won't come out and if it did it won't sound good even if I know I can do better. So I  guess I'll be working on it again. I'm in vocal practice right now. I found a site with free lesson and I really love it... gah! I made a timetable on practice and yesterday was the first day. I'll do the one for today later when the sun is up, it's actually dawn right now. Hope I'll make it!
     Going to library later! Will look for novels~I've been so boring!Plus I'm gonna look on how the writers wrote their novels, you know how they make the chapters, the first person or third person point of view~, magazine~ah, that knitting things!~I've been waiting for the moment when I go library with no books and I can search all the racks!