Friday, September 28, 2012

Candle ish Spirit

I have a candle ish spirit
Once lighted I'm bright with spirit
I release energy of heat 
As if I am the brightest
I am the source of life

But once wind my enemy strike
My light is gone with a single blow
and it do not even wait
The melted part of me harden 
and I'm left like an emotionless soul
Even my shadow is transparent

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sabah Youth Day 3

Finally, I've really cool down from all the activities and assignment. Originally, I've scheduled myself to write this blog since the previous Saturday two weeks ago. But with all those things shot directly at me, I had to postponed it until today. It's not Saturday but it's still holiday. hee

I guess I'm telling a long story in this entry. Let's begin with what happened during the last holiday. I had the opportunity to join the Sabah Youth Day 3 in Tambunan! When I finally stepped Holy Cross, Toboh at Tambunan,I was like, "Wow, I'm really here." I was mesmerized by my own presence. Earlier this year, I had never expected myself to really join this SYD. I didn't even know what to expect and what do I want from SYD but praise the Lord, I was there and I knew what I wanted and also what He wanted.

The theme for SYD 3 is Rooted and Built Up in Christ, Firm in Faith.
I learned that it is very important for us to have a deep relationship with Him, and to really know the Story of Him. When we really know Him, we love Him, we believe in Him and therefore our Faith will be strengthened. It is not as easy as writing this, it requires a lot of work. You must let Him to enter your heart, you must listen to what He say and you must do what He wanted you to do.

So here are some pictures I managed to take. 
p/s didn't take a lot because I know there'll be a lot of cameras over there :p
note: pictures are not in order 
First picture taken at Toboh, with senior Lolyn, during breakfast.

and here's our lunch during our first day in Toboh, I don't know why did I capture this but I guess it was because every little detail is precious. hee. 

Maxwell and Paya!

Lolyn, Bumbum and Bara!
was quite excited when I got to see them there. Though it's easy for us to see each other in IP, the feeling was different right there. We we're all different I think, in a good way, probably because of the surrounding. 

and here are the seminarians. Paya and I were stuck on our way to the toilet when  we saw them performing. We were wowed by them. My favourite part was when they do their rap!

I don't remember which day was this but this time they changed their place so that more people are able to enjoy their performance.

There are stalls outside Holy Cross, so many of us bought food from the stalls, and when we buy food of course we share them right? So let's eat!

view from the first floor of Holy Cross

On the fourth day I finally managed to get myself on top the church. It was high and it was mesmerizing to see 3000 youths from all over Sabah to gather in this place, all with the same reason, to see Him.  
Paya and Maxwell!
This two really like cameras, and I had to re shoot this picture for like five times because they weren't satisfied with the first few shot. I was starting to think is this gonna be their pre *cough cough*picture? Get me? oh nevermind *peace*

Maxwell, Russell and Cornelius with 3 ladies from Semporna. Feel like adding more description to this picture but I guess not..hehe :p  

Third day in Toboh, we were like finally, we meet Beatrice and we are able to take picture together!

Last day, during the closing ceremony mass. The youth from Diocese of Keningau was  handing over the the Cross to the youth of Sandakan Diocese.

Finally, my favourite pictures ...
We were blessed with this beautiful scenery during our dinner time. I whispered to myself that I can't miss this moment. So put my dinner aside and start capturing pictures as much as I can before they disappear. These are not the best picture but still worth to be kept right? 
I hope you can take look at these pictures and I hope you are able to see Him :)

Can't miss the scenery right? It was quite late when I decided to have my picture taken. The rainbows are already covered by clouds but little colors were still visible. I really love this picture because it feels as if I was taking picture with Him

I will never forget my experience in this SYD 3. It's not only about what I got in Tambunan but what I have gained during our preparation for the event. I am determined to keep my faith in Christianity. Now I am able to allow Him to use myself as His tool. It's not gonna be easy all the time but His Holy Spirits and Angels will keep accompany me along the road. Right now I'm anticipating for the next SYD in 2016 which will be held in Holy Trinity, Tawau! I hope that I'll still be able to join the next SYD. So my friends in faith, let's join the next SYD!

Friday, September 7, 2012

It's a giveaway! Let's join it together :)

You like crochet too? Join this giveaway here!

I have never felt this interested in giveaway. I was very excited when I saw this post and I am still very interested. I will always be interested in crochet! 

I can't purchase crochet hooks all the time, I mean I won't be able able to afford them without saving some money. So maybe this is one of the alternative? ^^

I really like this blog because it's owned by a Malaysian and it's about CROCHET. I mean, I finally found this kind of blog by a Malaysian. I found this blog when I was looking for online shop in Malaysia that sells crochet hook. It is quite hard for me to look for crochet hook in my place so I have to look for it online because I'm looking for a one set crochet hook. I'm very glad to have found this blog.