Thursday, April 2, 2015


The rules of the world told us that we have no right to judge other people. Whatever they do is their own journey. A journey that we can never understand because we will never walk in their shoes. But we do deserve to choose our own feeling. What we are going to do when those feelings start to grab hour heart tighter. Tighter and tighter every passing moment. Have you ever wandered, is it wrong to keep those feelings? Is it wrong to feel the emotion? Is wrong to admit that those emotions are killing us? Things are intertwined somehow, among us. There are no perfect words or ways to explain that but deep in our heart we know. Most people know it very well, what they should do. I think I do too, but sometimes this kind of questions just haunt me to the point where I question why own stand. Sometimes you just keep saying that you're not in the same shoes as them, but you'll feel like saying they aren't in the same shoes as you too.