Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The highlight in the picture above is the date located at the bottom right of the picture.
Of course I don't want the chance to post an entry on this repetitive date. I think it is awesome. 
My sister is blessed because she turned twelve today. That make it a total of four 'twelves'. 
Some people said that it is just the date, but I disagree. They said so because they have no effort in making the date worth to remember. You can make any date special but in the list of dates, the unique ones are very rare. You don't even know whether you are going to be alive or not on the next unique date. Do you think you are going to live to see 13.13.13? That must be crazy! 
For me, this is one of the things that make life interesting! You just have to make an effort for it.
The time is currently 10.12 PM in my country. 
Go on and make this day memorable for you! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December comes again

Every times December 1st come, I'm like "Oh yeah" all day! It's the most exciting time of the year for most people. It's Christmas. It's holiday. It's the gathering. It's when you can go all out! 

This December, I'd like to regain the pieces of myself that I had lost. I feel different. Not that I'm totally changed, just slightly different. Still, the impact feels so great. I think while I'm trying to grab some lessons in life, I had forgotten to keep my grip tight on myself, causing some parts of me to be left somewhere. 

I'd also like to reminisce the old times. Well, it's not that I'm too old already, haha. I went through childhood, and it won't be long till the time for to leave my teenager phase. Though I think that the teenage spirit will stay in me for quite sometime even after the phase *grin*

 I wish all you a happy December!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Earphone or Headphone?

When you are in situation where you have to choose either one of them, which one will you choose? Sometimes it's easy but sometimes it can be tough. You're sweating and your look at them as if they're threatening you with a great feeling of regret if you do not pick them. Exaggerating much? Well, that's actually how it felt every time I walk into the store. 

I don't think anyone could ever deny that these items are essential. Though you might not be using them all the time, there are times when you're going to need them. I'm the best example here. I prefer listening to songs without anything plugged in to my ear. Same goes to watching movies from my laptop. I'm not a movie maniac anyway. It just feel awkward to be completely separated from the surrounding. What if I missed something? What if something bad is happening and I didn't hear the warning? What if I miss the alarm clock? The what if list goes on... There are too many situations to think of. However there are times when I will be very grateful to have them. Especially when I'm away from home. When I'm in the campus they are so many times when you'll be likely to see me with earphone. Especially when I'm in my dorm room. Okay I don't use earphone all the time in my room. In fact I rarely use them! It's just not not cool to miss what is happening in the surrounding right? I listens to songs and watches movies without the earphone even when there are people around. I have to admit that it's a little snob but I think it's better than damaging my eardrums. The volume aren't loud anyway, just suitable for my hearing. 

 I can't understand people who wear earphone or headphone all day long. I've tried it and I found it damaging. But sometimes there are times when I will desperately put on my earphone. I can't stand listening to people talking when I'm about to sleep or when I'm sleeping. Don't you hate that feeling? Simple chat is okay but the long one with such inconsiderate volume, they seriously bring out the worst out of me. That's when I'll put on my earphone to get lost from the real environment. Just turn up the volume and I'm now in my own world. It is not my favourite situation. 

Earphones are handier in my opinion. You can keep them in your pocket or purse. You can even use them without people knowing. It will probably save you from listening to boring lecture or presentations without being caught. However I do not recommend you to do that. What if you do get caught? What if people do the same thing to you? 

Earphones are also friendlier. Can you separate your headphone when you want to listen to a song together with your friend..or that someone? It's fun when you can share the earphone with your friend. The term is romantic if you are sharing it with you special one. In my situation mentioned earlier, I don't have to worry even if I fell asleep with my earphone on. Less damage. 

In my opinion, headphones are great. They provide you with a great satisfaction in the audio. Especially if you are willing to spend more money on them. When you want listen to songs in their maximum volume without them actually hurting you ear too much. 

I think it's better to have both of them. You can use them according to your situation. Plus headphones are great fashion accessories. Earphones and headphones nowadays are getting trendier than before. They are a lot of cute and awesome design in the market nowadays, which become one of the list of consideration in buying them. However the sound quality should be the first priority. 

Earphone or headphone? Earphone I would say. Maybe this isn't a big deal at all but I think that it is quite an interesting topic. So which one will you pick? 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Random

Hello peeps! How's your holiday going so far? Good eh? I'm going to talk about mine here. Well, obviously! *grins*

I've been waking up real late these days, just as I expected. I tried to wake up early but my body refused. To think about it, it's normal when you sleep at 1 + am. Yeah, I do that.

So far I haven't done anything spectacular yet (lol will I do any?) but I do think of doing something. And I think I've been gaining back the weight I lost in campus. Part of me is saying 'don't worry, you'll lose them back in campus' and another part of me is saying 'hey you wanna look good in events'. So I'm kind of sinking into dilemma. To work out or not to work out? Lol what kind of dilemma is that? The answer will come silently. Next thing I know is I'm already living the answer. That's how it usually works.

Right now I am able to let my mind think of things I didn't let myself think at campus. You know things people call hobby and passion, that will eventually get so addictive and tempting and will probably cause the the procrastination of homework and assignments.

      There were a lot of times like that at campus...
               I got into my room, I had my lunch, I went online, I opened the files to my homework, I searched for the information I may need, and I when I was about to finally finalize my work, I thought of a new project. I started drafting it, then I went to do a project I that I haven't finishes yet. My homework, uhmm...I think there's no explanation needed.
               That's not the only thing... instead of getting dressed after shower, I went straight to my project. If it is a crochet project, I will set myself to get one row done. But what happen is many rows passed and I haven't move an inch from the chair. It's goes on and on.

Last three weeks in campus was very hard. The process of getting my brain ready for the exam was a very hard moment. Harder than when I was facing SPM. When it was time for the exam I was like, just give your all Mandy! The first exam, it was like a battle. I kept shooting but I didn't know how many bullets actually hit the targets. All will be answered later. Enough of exam.

Oh my, gone back to the before holiday business! My my, I should have written about my holiday.

I've spent my time crocheting, cooking and  I also watched some Harvest Moon fanimation.  I can't explain how I love holiday. Haha. Oh and yeah, I followed my father to his farm. I didn't get to do much thing though as there were two little kids with us. I had to keep my eyes on them. I kept yelling at them to not do this and that. Man they're so energetic! I wanted to help in clearing up the farm but those kid keep me away from doing all those things. Despite of not being able to do farm works, I still get serious sunburn that last until today. They are still visible.

This holiday I had a lot of time to practice my photoshop skill *grins* Don't get me wrong, I won't use them for the wrong purpose. Ever since I know photoshop I always wanted to learn more. There are a lot of things you can do with that. It is one of the most brilliant software ever.

There are still a lot of things I haven't done. No problem, I'll get them done as many as I can! Yeah, I will do that! For that I now end this entry right here. You know, I still have a lot of things to write but it didn't feel right to throw them all in one entry. Well, bye for now!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Life is sweet when you are where you belong to

Being home really makes me forgot to check my phone because I know that everyone is busy holidaying so no one would bother calling anyone except if they're any important matter. They are hardly any. Just now when I logged in facebook I got know that today's date is very unique. 10/11/12. What a perfect sequential date. So I thought why not I blog. I have nothing to hold me back. Like yeah, finally!

It's the second day I'm home. Yeap, I'm home since yesterday. If you could see me I'm having a big smile! You know that yellow and black smiley face? Haha, I'm joking. I'm really looking forward for this holiday! 

I shall write a little description on how it was before I was home yesterday, right? As I mentioned in my last entry (or entries?) Me and my classmates needed to sit for our examination. It was a lot of stress. Well, since we have to rely on it to get into our degree program next year. We have tried all we can do, we have given all we can give. Now we're fingercrossing on the result. Now I'm going to forget about the exam and only think about it again when the result is going to be revealed. 
One thing I learned about life so far is, things are going to be the same, at least for a portion of your life, so it's up to you to play it to the same beat over and over again or you can modify the sound. Get it? 

Coming home this time was a little smoother than last year. Well, minus the delay and little schedule interruptions at campus. As the plane was landing I saw the sky getting cloudier and drops of rain were hitting the window. We were lucky enough because the plan weren't diverted. It only rained heavily when we finally landed. When me and Lion finally settled ourselves in the taxi, we were over the moon.   

Okay, I'm going to miss campus life. #Highlight# my friends in campus. I really love them. And I'm also gonna miss St.Paul. It was officially a church last October. Me and the whole members of St.Paul were so happy . For some reason I feel blessed and touched at the same time. The church was supposed to be made official since 2009 but it felt as if they waited for us the junior to come in. I guess I shall write more about this in another entry. 

I'm also gonna miss the seniors. It was an emotional moment to part with them. It's harder this year as I've already started socializing with them. I know that I can expect it to get harder the years to come. Seniors, I believe that we will meet again someday. Who know we might work together in the future right? There's always hope :)

I'm ending this entry here. There are a lot of things I'm looking forward to. Ahhh I'm too excited!  Someone cool me down because I need to start enjoying this holiday. 

Happy Holiday to All of You!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Quote I love

I don't remember where or when I did I found this quote. Maybe from a newsletter or maybe from that random search. This quote had never failed to inspire me.
 Maybe this was meant for wars or something else in the past, but I used it for the battles I had in daily life. Whenever I feel tired, as I lay my back against my chair, my eyes would catch this quote on my dashboard. Moments ago, it happened to me again and now I am full of energy.
Hope it inspired you as well.   

Monday, October 8, 2012

at the moment...

*Someone is offering foods in the class* Look a them* Not in the mood*
This might be my last entry before the coming examination. I know I'm not blogging often enough to write like this. 

So exam is finally around the corner. I try to deny it but deep inside I know that the drum is beating the wall of anticipation in my heart. Too much things happened the way it shouldn't, at least I think like that, because it's me who think of what should have happened in my eyes and in my surrounding. 

It is very hard to find my spirit back. I've lost it. I know I have to get back on track. I've tried and I'm still trying. Sometimes I see the path, sometimes I lost again. If I want to succeed, I must stay on the track. 

Maybe I should stay away from people, because that's how I studied back then. Maybe I should sleep all day and study all night, because that's my favourite way of doing my revision. I tried it here, but it's different. At home, there will be no sounds between midnight to dawn. At here, sharing room with stranger, I have to act like I don't mind. I know that there is a proper term for that, but till now I still can't accept that fact completely. There will be sound in the middle of the night, stranger communicating with her friend, yet another stranger to me. How disturbing. Disturbing! 

I know that I have to ignore this, get into myself, and care all about myself. Do the things the way I should. And that's what I am trying to do right now. 

I've been thinking about strategies, and maybe I've found some. Still it's still seem blurry to my eyes. My brain is still not accepting. And I'm sure that these cheeks will be wet, I don't know how bad but now it feels as if it's coming out anytime.

I can't help but keep wishing that things will turn out good. Keep wishing that somehow along the path someone will pull me and walk with me on the track, with it's hand guiding me. 

Monday, October 1, 2012


*Stares at nescafe 3 in 1 mild in the mug*
It's been such a long time since I had one. How am I going to deal with this? I know that I'm not really good with nescafe but I don't know what got into my mind. Going to drink this in a few minutes.

Ah, It's October. Too fast the time passes. Only yesterday I celebrated new year. So far things had been good though there are few lacking everywhere. Hopefully things will get better towards the end of this year

Right now I'm anticipating about the month of Rosary. I miss the feeling to pray the Rosary with everyone.

And I've been thinking as well, how am I going to sort of my things this year. It's almost time for that long holiday (woohoo!) I got too many things I guess. But that's just me. I like to have all my necessities with me. It's better when you have your own to use. No need to worry about the well being of something (but of course I care about the well being of the item, for the longevity of it :) It's just that you can treat the item as you wish lol. Haha I'm enjoying myself here.

*It's only a few sips but I'm looking at the mug with indescribable feeling*
I gotta buy another 3 in 1

Oh, I almost forgot about exam. It's been too long since I had one. Sigh I really hate to force myself to study. I wonder where have my spirit gone? I can't seem to focus anymore. The only thing in my mind right now is study drill. I really need that. Even though it means no life. Never mind, I'll reward myself with a lot of fun during the coming Holiday.

*too sweet, If I'm home I've modified the taste*

Friday, September 28, 2012

Candle ish Spirit

I have a candle ish spirit
Once lighted I'm bright with spirit
I release energy of heat 
As if I am the brightest
I am the source of life

But once wind my enemy strike
My light is gone with a single blow
and it do not even wait
The melted part of me harden 
and I'm left like an emotionless soul
Even my shadow is transparent

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sabah Youth Day 3

Finally, I've really cool down from all the activities and assignment. Originally, I've scheduled myself to write this blog since the previous Saturday two weeks ago. But with all those things shot directly at me, I had to postponed it until today. It's not Saturday but it's still holiday. hee

I guess I'm telling a long story in this entry. Let's begin with what happened during the last holiday. I had the opportunity to join the Sabah Youth Day 3 in Tambunan! When I finally stepped Holy Cross, Toboh at Tambunan,I was like, "Wow, I'm really here." I was mesmerized by my own presence. Earlier this year, I had never expected myself to really join this SYD. I didn't even know what to expect and what do I want from SYD but praise the Lord, I was there and I knew what I wanted and also what He wanted.

The theme for SYD 3 is Rooted and Built Up in Christ, Firm in Faith.
I learned that it is very important for us to have a deep relationship with Him, and to really know the Story of Him. When we really know Him, we love Him, we believe in Him and therefore our Faith will be strengthened. It is not as easy as writing this, it requires a lot of work. You must let Him to enter your heart, you must listen to what He say and you must do what He wanted you to do.

So here are some pictures I managed to take. 
p/s didn't take a lot because I know there'll be a lot of cameras over there :p
note: pictures are not in order 
First picture taken at Toboh, with senior Lolyn, during breakfast.

and here's our lunch during our first day in Toboh, I don't know why did I capture this but I guess it was because every little detail is precious. hee. 

Maxwell and Paya!

Lolyn, Bumbum and Bara!
was quite excited when I got to see them there. Though it's easy for us to see each other in IP, the feeling was different right there. We we're all different I think, in a good way, probably because of the surrounding. 

and here are the seminarians. Paya and I were stuck on our way to the toilet when  we saw them performing. We were wowed by them. My favourite part was when they do their rap!

I don't remember which day was this but this time they changed their place so that more people are able to enjoy their performance.

There are stalls outside Holy Cross, so many of us bought food from the stalls, and when we buy food of course we share them right? So let's eat!

view from the first floor of Holy Cross

On the fourth day I finally managed to get myself on top the church. It was high and it was mesmerizing to see 3000 youths from all over Sabah to gather in this place, all with the same reason, to see Him.  
Paya and Maxwell!
This two really like cameras, and I had to re shoot this picture for like five times because they weren't satisfied with the first few shot. I was starting to think is this gonna be their pre *cough cough*picture? Get me? oh nevermind *peace*

Maxwell, Russell and Cornelius with 3 ladies from Semporna. Feel like adding more description to this picture but I guess not..hehe :p  

Third day in Toboh, we were like finally, we meet Beatrice and we are able to take picture together!

Last day, during the closing ceremony mass. The youth from Diocese of Keningau was  handing over the the Cross to the youth of Sandakan Diocese.

Finally, my favourite pictures ...
We were blessed with this beautiful scenery during our dinner time. I whispered to myself that I can't miss this moment. So put my dinner aside and start capturing pictures as much as I can before they disappear. These are not the best picture but still worth to be kept right? 
I hope you can take look at these pictures and I hope you are able to see Him :)

Can't miss the scenery right? It was quite late when I decided to have my picture taken. The rainbows are already covered by clouds but little colors were still visible. I really love this picture because it feels as if I was taking picture with Him

I will never forget my experience in this SYD 3. It's not only about what I got in Tambunan but what I have gained during our preparation for the event. I am determined to keep my faith in Christianity. Now I am able to allow Him to use myself as His tool. It's not gonna be easy all the time but His Holy Spirits and Angels will keep accompany me along the road. Right now I'm anticipating for the next SYD in 2016 which will be held in Holy Trinity, Tawau! I hope that I'll still be able to join the next SYD. So my friends in faith, let's join the next SYD!

Friday, September 7, 2012

It's a giveaway! Let's join it together :)

You like crochet too? Join this giveaway here!

I have never felt this interested in giveaway. I was very excited when I saw this post and I am still very interested. I will always be interested in crochet! 

I can't purchase crochet hooks all the time, I mean I won't be able able to afford them without saving some money. So maybe this is one of the alternative? ^^

I really like this blog because it's owned by a Malaysian and it's about CROCHET. I mean, I finally found this kind of blog by a Malaysian. I found this blog when I was looking for online shop in Malaysia that sells crochet hook. It is quite hard for me to look for crochet hook in my place so I have to look for it online because I'm looking for a one set crochet hook. I'm very glad to have found this blog.

Monday, August 13, 2012

not so random

I care about my feeling. Yes, I do. Who doesn't? I have tried to treat everyone the way I want them to treat me but sometimes the patience blows up. I really hate when I am treated that way. It hurt.I may not show  it but only because I am afraid I might hurt that person. I am not perfect, and sometimes I did violate my stand.
It's like my subsconcius is recording each time I am treated like that. Spreading it somewhere inside my mind that I thought I might have forgotten it. The record sometimes play by itself when I'm with that person. That person should have recognized it, and come to realization that I won't be treating you like that if you hadn't done it first. I am really really sorry for writing something like this but I've been holding this for quite some times.
I care about my feeling. I really really do. As the first among my siblings, I demand respect from everyone. I have just realized that this year. The respect that I want not to be called sister or looked by someone to ask for permissions or advice. I just want to be treated well. I believe that that person doesn't want to treated in a bad way, me too but my patience has a limit. I don't care how well or how spoiled that person is, what I know is I want to be respected. I will respect that person if that person respect me, and if that person don't respect me back I will still respect that person. But I will still demand it.
Just please, treat other person the way you want to be treated. If that person is going fine with you all this time and then suddenly there's something wrong with them, ask yourself before asking them what went wrong with them. You could be the reason!

Friday, August 10, 2012

I've stopped but I'm not sure if this the place I want to land on

Somehow I still feel like a lost butterfly
I've entered a place I've never think of getting into
This place where I often have those feelings that I hate
This place that won't let me go. 

I've known this place by name
and little bit inside from what I've been exposed by my father
But he never tell me the truth about this place
and I never care for I never thought I'll end up here.

Sometimes the other side of my heart wonder
What if I waited just a little bit longer?
I could have gone for another place
Another life, another dream.....

I do love what I'm currently doing
I love the extra activities because those are the choices that I made
But do they worth because they're not the major thing?
I'm learning something that I like but I desire to learn that one thing that I love.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Inspired blog: Stop searching for a while

I am inspired to write this blog because of someone but this goes to all of us and I hope that person get to read this too

When you are too desperate for that attentions and love
When you can't accept that you are the only one without someone to go to
When you are giving up at looking for someone you can label as special in your heart
When you finally lie down and let your eyes closed...

Think of all the things you are able to do alone
Think of the joy you had mixing up with your friends
Think of the places you are comfortable to be at
Think of the plan God is writing for you.

He is not done yet
That might be the reason you haven't found one yet
Let Him handle everything
For He will glad to.

Sometimes the reason you haven't found one yet is
 you are busy looking around and the other person is doing the same
You ended up heading to different directions 
And the chances for you to meet each other is getting thinner.

Someone needs to stop searching for a while
Let the other person find you.

I hope I'm not exaggerating with my thoughts here, this is a very honest opinion and I hope that person can take it as an advise. I hope that I've inspire other persons too.

Now take a deep breath and smile.

Friday, June 29, 2012

My passion for camera

             I was starting to give up on taking pictures because I felt like I've lost my passion in camera. Something about the feeling of not being in the picture bothered me a lot. It took me awhile to gain my missing passion. Last semester I think the pictures I took didn't reach the amount of pictures I would have took. Maybe this is a little exaggerating but it was a pain my chest when I realized that I wasn't as eager as before.
             The mid-year holiday was a great-escape from study and everything that has been blocking me from  being what I want. At home my sister was the one who used the camera a lot. I wanted to be really free at home. Last week of the holiday, I helped my sister to get her picture processed in the shop. My eyes captured the blue and green small boxes containing film in it. Suddenly I remembered my purple camera at home. I posted about it when I first got it. Click here to see it :)

            So I decided to get one of it. I purchased the the one with 36 film. I wanted the one with only 12 but since they ran out of stock I guess that one will do. The funny thing is I didn't set it up in the camera until the next day when I'm in the airport. I watched the video on how to load and unload the camera like thousand times. To think it back once will do but that's just me. When I really like what I'm doing, I'll try to make it the best. That wasn't the first time actually. I did used the camera before but it was late in the afternoon and the camera don't work well with gloomy exposure, so the picture didn't turned out to be good. That's a problem working with totally manual camera. But that also make working with it interesting. That was when I know that I'm gaining my passion again.

           Turned out that I'm not the only one in here that have that much interest in this kind of camera. I will be searching for more information on Lomography. I'll bet I can spend hours googling about it. This Saturday I'm actually going to have the film processed and I hope it will turned out well. fingercrossed! Next week our class will be having a trip and wow that is a opportunity for me to use the camera again. Not that the timing to use the camera is limited, I don't want to waste my film taking random pictures. I think it's better to use the digital camera for something random and everyday-ish that way you can delete it in case it looks ugly >.< ngehe

So these are the pictures I found in google image

This one is already mine, you know the story of it if you have read the post I've linked ;)

            You can see that one of the attraction of lomo camera is the look. But the main thing is the effect of this camera on the pictures. There are very beautiful if you already mastered the skills, which I am learning right now. I'm thinking of looking for the simplest lomo camera for now since getting the other is quite impossible, I'm just a student. Moreover, if you want a better picture it's good if you have the accessories which will require more money. I'll be getting them later, maybe in he future? Hhe, in this entry I focused on the camera only so if you want to see pictures taken by lomo camera just google it.  

I can finally say...
 I've gained my passion back

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strangers in my life

I've always think about strangers in my life and I only realized it a year ago

I was having my pre test for my driving licence
I was not lucky because for the first test the car slide down from the hill
But I weren't alone
A guy who seems familiar 
He must have been my schoolmate before
Maybe he was that guy who sang the lovely kids song during children's day
Anyway, we were given second chance
My turn was after him
I felt the nervousness when he did the test
And when he made it 
He parked the car, went out with a big smile
His face redden .

I proceed with the test and that time I pressed down the accelerator all I can 
To my surprise I passed the test
It was a very relieving moment
I see the guy passed the other two tests 
I did too.

I thought a lot about strangers after that day
And to be honest, I was exposed to people's behaviour only when I started my driving lessons
Which might be the main reason for all of this.

There is someone that I still call stranger though I've been talking to him online through a site 
It's fun talking to him
We agree and argue on things
I still have no idea on his real name and his real look
But I'm comfortable that way
At least for now
He cheered my boring time after I finished SPM
He is still a stranger 
Yet I like talking to him
I will never forget a stranger like him.

Sometimes the one that leaves impression was the person I only see for few seconds
Maybe the ones who smiled at me
The one who helped me when I was lost in town
The one who offered a helping hand when I carried too much things with me.

It comes too me that we leave impression in everywhere we go
Some impressions might be lovely
Some impressions might not be good at all
But they inspire me to see how people are
Without getting too attached on them
And let the thought of them ruin my feeling.

I believe that I will meet more strangers in my life
And those strangers might even stay for some times or forever in my life.

Dear strangers,
Thank you because you made my day
Even when what happen wasn't pleasing 
I still appreciate because God had decided to let me experience those events and things.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello:I Hi:) Hey :D

Hello new walls
Hello new rooms
Hello new views
Hello new faces
Hello new home 

from google image. Anyway, Happy New Home to us :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

He will answer

I can't help but typing it all here,
I've been thinking of it all the time without even realize it.

She said that when I meet that special one,
He will make me accept the way I am now,
He will make me forgot the terrible feelings and situations that I had before,
He will lead me to the future in faith.
I will fall for him the way I should.

In that very short time conversation,
She told me how she have changed.
She told me how God have answered her prayers,
That was when I know where did she get her happiness.

I didn't pray for that.
All I did was just avoiding things.
I kept convincing myself that I did the right thing.
The truth is, I've been doing it the wrong way.

So right now I'll be waiting for that moment.
God have answered her prayer,
I believe that He will answer mine too.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's to all mothers. 
Thank you God for giving us a woman to love and to be loved by. Bless her and give her strength. Smiles be her best accessory and her hugs be the most comfort place to be.

Monday, May 7, 2012

it was there

When you ask me that question
It actually hurt me a bit
Of course I gave the kind of answer I gave to everyone
Still, it hurt to be in a situation where I end up being reminded of the past 

Monday, April 23, 2012


Why does it feel so hard to move on?
No, I'm not completely motionless
I've moved on but I keep coming back to where I started

Sunday, April 22, 2012

You and Him

You and him are just friend
You and him are going to develop that feelings
I dare to say that because I've been in that situation
I was unlucky to have that moments with someone I'll be forbidden to be with
You and him can still work those things 


Friday, April 20, 2012

It's a secret

Pink and Yellow
Different hands
Same owner
Same thoughts

are they true?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Foods in Eastern Plaza

Went to Eastern Plaza the other day. I had been wanting to try the food from this one stall in EP so when I got the chance I grabbed it quickly. I forgot the name, but I know that it start with 'Nyonya'. Ordered Nasi kuning with rendang kambing. was so delicious. Now I know a place where I can get one of my favourite food. 

Nasi kuning with Rendang Kambing
I give two thumbs up for the rendang but I'm not really into the sambal. Maybe it's just me. But overall the food was very delicious.

While I was waiting for Lelen I went to buy her two sets of Takoyaki. I was not in the mood of moving around so I just stayed there and watch the process of preparing the Takoyaki.

Japan Boat Takoyaki

She was quite excited when I started to take pictures


Monday, April 9, 2012

If only you are here

If only you are here
If only I was brave
If only I you believed it sooner
If only distance didn't interfere
Despite that one thing that kept me quiet 
We can be perfect without being together

now we don't even know how each other doing

Saturday, March 31, 2012

haven't moved on

I thought of my life after that short story of us and realize maybe that's the biggest reason I'm not able to accept anyone yet.

Friday, March 23, 2012

but I won't tell you

I'll let you figure it out later.


          I thought that other than reading, I'll also write tonight. Done one of my assignments. Was quite shocked at how  it turned out when we compiled our parts together. So now I have time to read what I like, novels. Yeah, I have two must read right now. Picked them randomly from the library after reading the synopsis. The one that I'm reading right now is very interesting, and it make me feel the same way as the title breathless. 
          Right now I'm starving because I didn't eat enough this afternoon. The appetite just won't let me. Plus, the place where I suppose to buy dinner is kinda...uhmm. When you starve you start to think all kinds of food. I right now KFC is my mind. Sadly it's 45 minute to get to town.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's six o'clock in the morning

Good morning peeps!
Just a little update and I don't wanna leave my blog un-updated.
Right now I'm looking forward for the coming holiday which is very very soon.
Can't wait to see my room and drive the car all I can. Well, it's actually for me to be more confident to drive around the town.

Emm..that's all for now. I actually got a lot things to write but I won't finish it before lecture if I proceed.

Ciao !

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


As I knelt
I felt sudden tears
Right away I know 
He wants me to let go of everything
Of what I've been keeping inside me

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine Day

It's 14 February so Happy Valentine Day!
Whether you are celebrating this day alone or with your special someone, I hope this day will be one of the happiest day in your life.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

don't complain


Sometimes I think we complain too much. We complain even to the most ridiculous things. Right now I see people who keep complaining on too much homework, too much assignment, too much activities. Hey, why do so if we can just shut our mouth and get things done? After all, life have it's ups and downs.
I'm getting tired listening to the cursing and swearing. Like they can get things done.

Not every places is going to be like the one in our imagination or the way other people described it to us. There's a Malay saying" Indah Khabar Dari Rupa" which means sometimes a place is only beautiful in people's descriptions but not in reality when you finally step on that place. Everyone should have known this even without the saying. So just shut up and live your life! It's life and it's unpredictable. Our job is to figure out how are we going to continue living without losing the way we are.

I have to admit that I do complain. But I am trying hard to throw that habit away. That one of the reason I'm writing this post. I hope this will be a motivation for me, and you as well.

goodnight peep!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The road

Feel like I'm strayed too far
Far far away from the road
The road that resembles who I am
I am not who I am anymore
I recalled who I was with pain in my chest
How should I deal with this?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dear Angelisa :)

Hey girl, how are you? I didn't realize that I miss you so much till I read your post today.
Things are different now right?
Six years ago we thought that we are going to finish middle school together.
You know, there are so much things I wanted to share with you.
We didn't know each other for a long time but friendship does not  care about that.
I  love you and I will never forget about you.
Till now I still giggle when I remember all those secrets we shared. 
This post is dedicated  for you. 
I wish you a good life :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

little hope for you

I hope the reason he's with you is not because 
He sees her in you
He sees a better her in you

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I went breathless 
I hugged the window's grill
I bummed my face onto my pillow

The old memories strikes back
The talks we seldom had
The smile I admired secretly
The voice I've always wanted to hear

I didn't know when did the feeling started
What I know that it lasted for a long time

You're bubblier  person now
I think that's a good thing
The kind of conversation I always wanted
The attention I wanted from you

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It breaks my heart when people say I won't give up
because I must give up on you

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sneak peak on what I did today

Went out at 1600 + today to take my driving license.
Now I am a 

I wonder how much time I'll need to gather my courage. I mean I drove the car around my neighbourhood. I haven't make it to the town by myself yet. fuu, I'll need to work on that

After that went to cari makan with mommy, Sayrah and Agile. Took a lot of random pictures along the way (since I was in good mood and I missed my camera so much. didn't used it for a few days)

Keningau Mall

The traffics were moving slowly so I took the chance to snap this picture. When I still had my driving lesson mommy will drop me here and the tutor will fetch me. It was raining so I didn't want to open the window. That explain how blurry the picture is.  
The same goes to most of the other pictures.

Tzu Chi Recycle Collection Station

Pustaka Evergreen
Favourite place to buy stationery and revision books.
But the reason I went there this evening was to buy the P sticker.
Not sure if it still  no.1 since Adamas Bookstore is now opened.
meh~didn't get the best angle but do you see the BB1M poster over there? Sigh, if only I have that.
Saw a customer trying to figure out what else she could get with the voucher. #jealous

Then stopped by this cute little cake shop

Oh look at those cupcakes!

Agile picked the one with Minnie Mouse. Mint flavoured.
Didn't picked one though since I was in the mood of eating rice.
More pictures...

Agile, mommy and Sayrah

I was I'm not fan of angry bird but this one is really cute!

After that we went to New Star Cafe which I haven't visited for years. 
The food!
Gotta say their Bak Kut Teh was very delicious. 

The drink! Teh C special!

Okay, I had two Teh C special this week. I still remember the waiter's reaction when I asked for 3 layers drink. I had to be quick and correct my order. They don't call it 3 layers here. Just Teh C special.

Wow super long post today. I am really in the mood of blogging. Plus, I haven't blogged like this for quite some times.
ya ya I know~ lots of random pictures and they are not the best from me.
But I hope you enjoyed reading this post ;)
Omg I think my grammar is crying  : l
Good night peeps!