Friday, June 29, 2012

My passion for camera

             I was starting to give up on taking pictures because I felt like I've lost my passion in camera. Something about the feeling of not being in the picture bothered me a lot. It took me awhile to gain my missing passion. Last semester I think the pictures I took didn't reach the amount of pictures I would have took. Maybe this is a little exaggerating but it was a pain my chest when I realized that I wasn't as eager as before.
             The mid-year holiday was a great-escape from study and everything that has been blocking me from  being what I want. At home my sister was the one who used the camera a lot. I wanted to be really free at home. Last week of the holiday, I helped my sister to get her picture processed in the shop. My eyes captured the blue and green small boxes containing film in it. Suddenly I remembered my purple camera at home. I posted about it when I first got it. Click here to see it :)

            So I decided to get one of it. I purchased the the one with 36 film. I wanted the one with only 12 but since they ran out of stock I guess that one will do. The funny thing is I didn't set it up in the camera until the next day when I'm in the airport. I watched the video on how to load and unload the camera like thousand times. To think it back once will do but that's just me. When I really like what I'm doing, I'll try to make it the best. That wasn't the first time actually. I did used the camera before but it was late in the afternoon and the camera don't work well with gloomy exposure, so the picture didn't turned out to be good. That's a problem working with totally manual camera. But that also make working with it interesting. That was when I know that I'm gaining my passion again.

           Turned out that I'm not the only one in here that have that much interest in this kind of camera. I will be searching for more information on Lomography. I'll bet I can spend hours googling about it. This Saturday I'm actually going to have the film processed and I hope it will turned out well. fingercrossed! Next week our class will be having a trip and wow that is a opportunity for me to use the camera again. Not that the timing to use the camera is limited, I don't want to waste my film taking random pictures. I think it's better to use the digital camera for something random and everyday-ish that way you can delete it in case it looks ugly >.< ngehe

So these are the pictures I found in google image

This one is already mine, you know the story of it if you have read the post I've linked ;)

            You can see that one of the attraction of lomo camera is the look. But the main thing is the effect of this camera on the pictures. There are very beautiful if you already mastered the skills, which I am learning right now. I'm thinking of looking for the simplest lomo camera for now since getting the other is quite impossible, I'm just a student. Moreover, if you want a better picture it's good if you have the accessories which will require more money. I'll be getting them later, maybe in he future? Hhe, in this entry I focused on the camera only so if you want to see pictures taken by lomo camera just google it.  

I can finally say...
 I've gained my passion back

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