Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm so Happy!

Yes, finally! I just had my very own camera!
No, I didn't but it. It's a prize from a contest I participated in February. I saw an Ad when I was on the AllTheTests.com site. It was so annoying in the first few minutes. But then I decided to take a look on it.
I was interested right away! One of the rules to enter is participant under 18 must have parents allowance. I jumped out of the chair and wake my mum up to get permission. It was so funny!
The competition was kinda easy but with thousand of participants the chances to win will be so little.
But I won and I'm so grateful.

It's not a dream camera. It's not even a digital camera.
It have no flash. It needs film. what?=.=
But yeah, I'm grateful! At least I have a camera to use if I go somewhere.
You know the good thing about this camera? It does not require batteries! I was like So cool!
And it is super light!

One thing I can't stop saying is it is so cute!

Cute right?
The official picture

Yeah, I know it is not so good for you but yeah. I'm thinking of buying the dream camera. I don't know the name but I will buy a camera that is also used by a photographer. For now this one should be good for me. To be a pro you have to learn from the basics right? n_n Hopefully I can try the camera used in black and white era one day.

Camera info~
Name:Ultra Wide& Slim
Colour:Olive San 
I learned something. Chances might come in an unexpected time. Sometimes, the things that keep bothering you are not always the bad one. Just spend enough time to understand it and proceed if you interested.

I saw the Ad, then I participated it.
I won for the stuff that was contested the time I joined the contest. 
Thanks God! I'm so grateful.


Reira said...

(at last, i can comment! YAY!)

cuteeeee nyaaa mandy....
urgh!! i wanna take a look at it...and destroy.HAUhUA..kidding....

when u have time, y dont u try to capture some images with it, and post it here in ur blog.

<3 to see how it will turn out.

Claire said...

I will, when my cousins come we'll snap a lot of pictures! n_n