Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Done with it!

Went to my interview today. Whoa, it was so fun!padahal dalam hati!
I arrived at the place around 9.30 a.m. So early, interview started at 11 a.m.
I just knew that there were also 8 a.m session..huhu. 

Dini was the first to go through the personal interview, followed by Elvi, me after her, then Ella and lastly Leo.
Thought they were going to call us according to the our name alphabet, haha..didn't expect my turn was after Elvi's.<--(lol, macam Elvis Presley). 

I tried to do my best and I think I did. I tried to elaborate my points and tell them why they should take me.Yes, it was asked. So they might ask you too.
My advice is just be confident and try to answer everything. If you have no idea at all be honest. In a  situation where you are nervous it is easy to find out that you're lying!

The group interview was fine. I can speak speak English comfortably, the way I usually talk in English with my friend. I was so lucky to be in the same group with friendly people. We were suppose to be six but one was absent. We were the noisiest group, I think. We seriously talked and laughed a lot! 

For the INSAK, we needed to answer question and use the omr paper. You have 30 minutes to answer them. 30 minutes only! 

Ella, she was the second person who arrived. She told me she is from Sipitang. The moment she said that I had a flash about My cousin Nado. Then she told me that she is the only students from her school who get the interview. I remembered my cousin again. So I asked her "kau kenal si Nado?" and she was like" Kau si Mandy kah?" I'm like "na kan" . She told that she's his very best friend. I wonder if they're more...Haha! 

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