Wednesday, April 27, 2011

weirdness & ...

Well, maybe you've saw this in facebook. I omehow feel weird that blogging make me feel better. But then I thought, thinking that I'm weird is weirder. Or maybe, I'm just not the ordinary one yet still not the unique one.

I don't have a lot to type here and that explain why I hadn't blog for a while.

I'm just stuck with this book. It has 469 pages. So far I've read 386 pages and in the final chapter. This book is just so real. It's like Curtis Sittenfeld explain how your school life was.

I'm getting ready for tomorrow and for my coming interview. I better do my best with this one. Maybe I'll go enjoy a mug of milo and read this book to the end tonight. So I guess you guys know what my coming blog will be about. I'm pretty sure that I'll write a lot because there are a lot of emotions and thinkings about this book that I need to share.

What with the picture above? Oh, just sharing. I want my hair to as long as Rapuzel's but I know it's pretty hard. People always make new hairstyles, invent new straightener or curling wand and bla bla bla...and you always get excited. Not that you change your hairstyles right away but you do exited about it. Oh well, I'm still gonna try to grow my hair as long as possible as it had been a want for me and and now it is also a need.

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