Saturday, April 23, 2011


20 April was one of the best day.Though it was ruined by a few little things.
1st, I need to hand in my certificate to the teacher, my amount of As was wrong...
2st, camera didn't work as I wish. All picture ruined. never long as I'll get my picture on the stage.
3st, I didn't make it to ESL booth. Well, I did but after the stall was closed. I did met teacher and that's more important to me.

It was so good to meet them again. I sat beside Rinah and I took the opportunity to talk a lot. Usually I'm the one who have the story to tell. hoho, if Safuan was there I'm sure I'm the one who'll be listening to their word war. I still remember their war before spm. It began with Rinah studying about nuclear and Safuan was interrupting her...then, they begin to tell each other their plan to kill each other one day! I was...=.=...then...=.='...their war was really, emm...see I can't explain it. Can you imagine what I  suffered?

Rahman, he is very damn tall now! Taller than before. I have to lift up my head to look at his face. Milton, owh...getting more stylish! Ijan, very long hair and very slim lol!Leo, met her the day before but I must say that her baju kurung was cute! Fre, very nice hair. Ruz, don't really know what to say but I really missed her! Lala, never though she really meant what she said about not going to join us. But it was great to meet her again. Anyone I forgot to mention? sorry...

I got some money and a beautiful mug. I doubt that I will ever use it for coffee or milo since it has a small ear, I meant the handle. I afraid that it might not be able to withstand the heat and the weight and also I love it so much. Maybe it will end up staying in my cupboard with my spongebob glass.

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