Monday, July 23, 2012

Inspired blog: Stop searching for a while

I am inspired to write this blog because of someone but this goes to all of us and I hope that person get to read this too

When you are too desperate for that attentions and love
When you can't accept that you are the only one without someone to go to
When you are giving up at looking for someone you can label as special in your heart
When you finally lie down and let your eyes closed...

Think of all the things you are able to do alone
Think of the joy you had mixing up with your friends
Think of the places you are comfortable to be at
Think of the plan God is writing for you.

He is not done yet
That might be the reason you haven't found one yet
Let Him handle everything
For He will glad to.

Sometimes the reason you haven't found one yet is
 you are busy looking around and the other person is doing the same
You ended up heading to different directions 
And the chances for you to meet each other is getting thinner.

Someone needs to stop searching for a while
Let the other person find you.

I hope I'm not exaggerating with my thoughts here, this is a very honest opinion and I hope that person can take it as an advise. I hope that I've inspire other persons too.

Now take a deep breath and smile.