Thursday, May 29, 2014

The end of Semester 3 ^^

Hello there, 

it's been a while right. So tonight, with chocolate melting in my mouth, I decided to write something. Before I forgot to mention, I'm home!!!

I suddenly feel like summing up my third semester, so I thought why not? I started this semester, which was also the beginning of the year, with nothing too big in my mind. I just want to enjoy this year because it's the last year I'm studying as a full time student(still a full time student next year, but with the practicum teehee). The last year to think only of myself. The last year to be with the graduating seniors. And of course, with you. You know who you are :)

But then, I broke what what I said last year. I got into that campaign and then I was chosen. Though I was kinda the last choice. Haha, that's how I translated the situation at that time. I'm glad though, for some reasons. 

Then time passes faster than I imagined it would be. I still remember that night when I saw her for the first time in two months. It was like we haven't met forever! I remember the evening spent having dinner with him, hoping that time will actually freeze. I remember the weekends with them at St.Paul and how we usually have lunch together after that. And that special weekend when we extended our lunch time until late afternoon. I've only remember it right now, and I guess more are coming. Well, they always come at unexpected moment :)

Then suddenly it was a few more weeks before the semester end. I struggled to find the anticipation for it but I failed because at the same time, I was busy looking for things to do so won't think about it. Right now I can only hope that it was a good decision, since I know that even when I don't bother, a part of me will always think of it. 

For most of my batch mates, the camping was the end. But mine was three days ago after the choir. Worth it :) I'm glad that I decided to stay with the choir team :)

The end of semester 3 ^^