Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I might be unlucky, but it could mean that I didn't try harder. Still, I wouldn't lie about the path I chose. 

As I secured my way on the path I chose, I thought that one day I'll grow to love what I'm going to receive. I know well about that path, I didn't know what I would feel about it. 
It doesn't feel right to walk away now, but staying doesn't make me feel any better. 
Sometimes I hate my sense of logic. 
It's like I've been dragging myself, or rather being dragged by the whole situation.
Well, maybe I just didn't try harder, but there's something about my sense of logic.
How can I compete for something that I am not passionate about at all?

I saw a few opening clearly in the beginning, and only shadows for the rest.
Perhaps I really should've made my own.