Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's completely out of my business, but you hurt her

Like the title said, it's completely out of my business. It is between you and her. All this time she had always been the one who got all the attentions. Every eyes will look at her whenever we walk. No matter how bad she looked all the talking (I mean the liking) will be about her. She could choose be with the other but she chose you. And you are so damn stupid . You asked her to date you but you still go  out with your ex. Say that you and her are just friend, that is not how friends communicate. It's different.
You want to cuddle her please do it at other place. It's too public and you know she was there. They were in the same room, you went in, stop for a while and walk towards her. She was only a few tables far than you, you sat there, pretended like she wasn't there. It hurt inside of  her, to hear you laughing with her while you and her have the in relationship status (i'm not talking about facebook). I admit that I don't know if you and her still have that relationship but it still going to hurt her.
Boy, please( I'm addressing you as boy because you are not qualified to be called man yet)
Before you decide to love, please ask your heart if you really love.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

It is sad to let you go, but we will support you

It is sad to let you go
For you have been one of us
Though technology makes communication easier
Nothing compare to the feeling when you are right in front of me
Though technically you are older
For me you are a younger brother
And I cannot think of any special words right now
But my brain is still struggling to find right words for you
This might be my worst writing ever
As worse as the feeling I am feeling inside
I've been trying to accept the fact
Since I know about the possibility
But it is harder than I thought
I'll try
I'll try to let you go sincerely
For I know that you will never forget us
Our friendship will stay in our heart forever
You must remember that you were once our with us

But most importantly
I support you whatever your choice is
I always believe that I know myself better
And I'm sure that you know yourself better too

It is sad to let you go
But remember that you can always count on us!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Stuff I really need to say right now

Dear you,
you have nice voice
sing, don't yell
Dear you,
why are becoming more like her
I'm afraid that I might dislike you later
and it will be hard for me to like you back
Dear you,
sometimes I feel jealous of you and her
you don't really get along with each other
but your relationship is still a million times better
Dear you,
I don't know why
maybe we just can't get along
I tried to like you back
but I just can't
I guess we just keep things the way it is now
Dear you,
You were the first guy that attracted me
I didn't happen overnight
I love those conversations we had
we sat on the stairs in the dark
talking about our interest
as you came in and called her name instead of mine just now
I'm hurt and I know it is not right
I already had a feeling that we'll be kinda 'separated' when I let you change your seat
and it really happen
how I wish that you can be you
You that I use to know before
Dear you,
you are the first the first guy
Who I really thought as a brother
and I really like your childishness
that's what make you adorable
to know that you are going to leave
hurt me so much
and I did actually hope that your application was rejected

I want to scream
I need to scream
where can I scream
in a place like this

Friday, September 9, 2011

I see

It's like this
You are the special candy
Suppose to choose who is going to own you
Instead of letting the shopkeeper to give you to them
The shopkeeper is your heart
And he let them come too close to you
They touched you
And bring you all over the shop
You just go on with their flow
And once they satisfied
They returned you back to the shopkeeper
When I come and look at you
You are no longer the same as you were before
Your shape changed
Your colour faded
Your taste changed
Not the one I once wanted
Not the one I once admire
Not the one I once loved

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You left too soon

I always know that this time will come
But I never thought that it will be now