Monday, September 12, 2011

Stuff I really need to say right now

Dear you,
you have nice voice
sing, don't yell
Dear you,
why are becoming more like her
I'm afraid that I might dislike you later
and it will be hard for me to like you back
Dear you,
sometimes I feel jealous of you and her
you don't really get along with each other
but your relationship is still a million times better
Dear you,
I don't know why
maybe we just can't get along
I tried to like you back
but I just can't
I guess we just keep things the way it is now
Dear you,
You were the first guy that attracted me
I didn't happen overnight
I love those conversations we had
we sat on the stairs in the dark
talking about our interest
as you came in and called her name instead of mine just now
I'm hurt and I know it is not right
I already had a feeling that we'll be kinda 'separated' when I let you change your seat
and it really happen
how I wish that you can be you
You that I use to know before
Dear you,
you are the first the first guy
Who I really thought as a brother
and I really like your childishness
that's what make you adorable
to know that you are going to leave
hurt me so much
and I did actually hope that your application was rejected

I want to scream
I need to scream
where can I scream
in a place like this

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