Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's completely out of my business, but you hurt her

Like the title said, it's completely out of my business. It is between you and her. All this time she had always been the one who got all the attentions. Every eyes will look at her whenever we walk. No matter how bad she looked all the talking (I mean the liking) will be about her. She could choose be with the other but she chose you. And you are so damn stupid . You asked her to date you but you still go  out with your ex. Say that you and her are just friend, that is not how friends communicate. It's different.
You want to cuddle her please do it at other place. It's too public and you know she was there. They were in the same room, you went in, stop for a while and walk towards her. She was only a few tables far than you, you sat there, pretended like she wasn't there. It hurt inside of  her, to hear you laughing with her while you and her have the in relationship status (i'm not talking about facebook). I admit that I don't know if you and her still have that relationship but it still going to hurt her.
Boy, please( I'm addressing you as boy because you are not qualified to be called man yet)
Before you decide to love, please ask your heart if you really love.

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