Monday, September 19, 2011

It is sad to let you go, but we will support you

It is sad to let you go
For you have been one of us
Though technology makes communication easier
Nothing compare to the feeling when you are right in front of me
Though technically you are older
For me you are a younger brother
And I cannot think of any special words right now
But my brain is still struggling to find right words for you
This might be my worst writing ever
As worse as the feeling I am feeling inside
I've been trying to accept the fact
Since I know about the possibility
But it is harder than I thought
I'll try
I'll try to let you go sincerely
For I know that you will never forget us
Our friendship will stay in our heart forever
You must remember that you were once our with us

But most importantly
I support you whatever your choice is
I always believe that I know myself better
And I'm sure that you know yourself better too

It is sad to let you go
But remember that you can always count on us!

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