Thursday, April 28, 2011

today is day I finished reading the book...

yep, I finished the book today. Around 4.22 p.m I guess. But I still won't make this blog specific about it. I'll reread the novel. Well, only cursorily. 
I'm so tired but I really want to blog.

Up and had first driving lesson today. Then went with my mum to workshop to send my farther's car keys. After that went to have breakfast, I was starving!~We went to this restaurant and chose to the table next to family of three. They have little girl with them and she was on the baby chair. Suddenly she turned back and smiled at us. I was like(aww, cute!) Her mom said, terlampau mesra. Yes she was. When her mom let her off the the baby chair she laughed and ran toward me! We all smiled. She didn't get to me though, the bay chair was between us~ After that, we went to relitop, then to hp furniture. I went to Perniagaan Lee where bought a few stuff while waiting for my mum from the bank and I ran into Ratnah. She works there and I knew it so it wasn't a coincidence. 

Oh, while I was waiting my mum to pick me after the lesson, I saw this guy passed by and he turned back for a second. I recognize him immediately though he dyed his hair(it suited him perfectly. at least I think like that). It took him maybe 2 to 3 second to recognize me and turned back. He walked towards me and we greeted each other.Then there were a short conversation. He asked the usual questions people would ask when you ran into them after long time no see. After that he walked away and I kept waiting for my mum. Well, I must say that he's kind of...oh never mind( I want to write it here but it it suited more in my manual diary..and because you know him) Oh well, that guy from the class next to mine... he did made me smile upon trying to know him last year. And today too... 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

weirdness & ...

Well, maybe you've saw this in facebook. I omehow feel weird that blogging make me feel better. But then I thought, thinking that I'm weird is weirder. Or maybe, I'm just not the ordinary one yet still not the unique one.

I don't have a lot to type here and that explain why I hadn't blog for a while.

I'm just stuck with this book. It has 469 pages. So far I've read 386 pages and in the final chapter. This book is just so real. It's like Curtis Sittenfeld explain how your school life was.

I'm getting ready for tomorrow and for my coming interview. I better do my best with this one. Maybe I'll go enjoy a mug of milo and read this book to the end tonight. So I guess you guys know what my coming blog will be about. I'm pretty sure that I'll write a lot because there are a lot of emotions and thinkings about this book that I need to share.

What with the picture above? Oh, just sharing. I want my hair to as long as Rapuzel's but I know it's pretty hard. People always make new hairstyles, invent new straightener or curling wand and bla bla bla...and you always get excited. Not that you change your hairstyles right away but you do exited about it. Oh well, I'm still gonna try to grow my hair as long as possible as it had been a want for me and and now it is also a need.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


20 April was one of the best day.Though it was ruined by a few little things.
1st, I need to hand in my certificate to the teacher, my amount of As was wrong...
2st, camera didn't work as I wish. All picture ruined. never long as I'll get my picture on the stage.
3st, I didn't make it to ESL booth. Well, I did but after the stall was closed. I did met teacher and that's more important to me.

It was so good to meet them again. I sat beside Rinah and I took the opportunity to talk a lot. Usually I'm the one who have the story to tell. hoho, if Safuan was there I'm sure I'm the one who'll be listening to their word war. I still remember their war before spm. It began with Rinah studying about nuclear and Safuan was interrupting her...then, they begin to tell each other their plan to kill each other one day! I was...=.=...then...=.='...their war was really, emm...see I can't explain it. Can you imagine what I  suffered?

Rahman, he is very damn tall now! Taller than before. I have to lift up my head to look at his face. Milton, owh...getting more stylish! Ijan, very long hair and very slim lol!Leo, met her the day before but I must say that her baju kurung was cute! Fre, very nice hair. Ruz, don't really know what to say but I really missed her! Lala, never though she really meant what she said about not going to join us. But it was great to meet her again. Anyone I forgot to mention? sorry...

I got some money and a beautiful mug. I doubt that I will ever use it for coffee or milo since it has a small ear, I meant the handle. I afraid that it might not be able to withstand the heat and the weight and also I love it so much. Maybe it will end up staying in my cupboard with my spongebob glass.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Done with it!

Went to my interview today. Whoa, it was so fun!padahal dalam hati!
I arrived at the place around 9.30 a.m. So early, interview started at 11 a.m.
I just knew that there were also 8 a.m session..huhu. 

Dini was the first to go through the personal interview, followed by Elvi, me after her, then Ella and lastly Leo.
Thought they were going to call us according to the our name alphabet, haha..didn't expect my turn was after Elvi's.<--(lol, macam Elvis Presley). 

I tried to do my best and I think I did. I tried to elaborate my points and tell them why they should take me.Yes, it was asked. So they might ask you too.
My advice is just be confident and try to answer everything. If you have no idea at all be honest. In a  situation where you are nervous it is easy to find out that you're lying!

The group interview was fine. I can speak speak English comfortably, the way I usually talk in English with my friend. I was so lucky to be in the same group with friendly people. We were suppose to be six but one was absent. We were the noisiest group, I think. We seriously talked and laughed a lot! 

For the INSAK, we needed to answer question and use the omr paper. You have 30 minutes to answer them. 30 minutes only! 

Ella, she was the second person who arrived. She told me she is from Sipitang. The moment she said that I had a flash about My cousin Nado. Then she told me that she is the only students from her school who get the interview. I remembered my cousin again. So I asked her "kau kenal si Nado?" and she was like" Kau si Mandy kah?" I'm like "na kan" . She told that she's his very best friend. I wonder if they're more...Haha! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

dub dub dub

My heart beating so fast. Oh my it's tomorrow! Hopefully I'll be doing well tomorrow. My hand is shaking.
I'm so scared but I believe I can do it. Now I'm making last minute preparation for tomorrow.
I can be calm in most event before and I believe this one will be included.
I can I can I can!

So this is the 47th blog.
I think for the 50th blog I'll be writing about Majlis Hari Anugerah.
Can't wait to see them. All my buddies crazy buddies!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Masa macam inilah saya sangat bersemangat mau tulis blog. Very stress with all this thing and I have a feeling that it won't end soon. Maybe after few months. Still have to write my answers for interview. Had the answers but struggling to make it better. Well, life.....

I lost my necklace! My aunt gave it to me.(p/s i'm still confused should i call her aunty or sister. she's a nun)I took it off and put it on my table because I'm going to shower. After that I forgot to wear it back and later I just can't find it! This is the problem when you have to share your table with other. The laptop and monitor are placed on my table and now everyone use this table. Wuargh...God help me! I can't sit well, eat well, please calm me down and help me to get through this.

My mom brought me to Veron to trim up my hair. I waited for 10 minutes or more because there were a lot of customer. Well, people like her and so do I! The moment she started to to trim my hair I was like...Oh My! My hair!(of course only in my heart)banyak urang bah tu! She was using the straightener on my hair and I was heat protectant? (once more, only in my heart)ooh, this was before she started to trim my hair. But in the end, I like it and my hair still long! I want my hair long! Wish there is Rapunzel hair serum.

Then we went to servay, my mom allowed me to pick a clothe and a pants. But I only take a clothe and a sandal. Don't think that I need a new pants for now. Oh my! The moment I saw the clothe for the first time I fell in love with it immediately! I rarely have this feeling! It was a casual dress, pink and white colour. I think I'm going to wear it with pants or legging with I haven't buy yet. Can't find one in servay.
I was naughty this day! While I was in the fitting room I snapped pictures of me in that dress. I know it's illegal but...hehehe

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love last night

Last night I skyped with Lyo,Jess and Fre.  It was fun! But sadly the line got a little problem.
Honestly I have a little hard time trying to catch up what they're talking. They sure have a fast finger! haha!
Then, I skyped with my cousin. She is so stress about her roommate. Too physco and annoying.

Daddy ask me to trim my hair. No,I'm not gonna let them cut my hair the way they want! Just trim. I waited so long to grow my hair to this length.

p/'s so hot today don't you think so?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Talking about fashion...+ dizzy...

yeah, I'm kinda good in choosing outfit for other but not myself! what?
Well, maybe I don't really reflect my taste in fashion on me. I wear what I like and what I feel comfy in. 
Beautiful and Comfy is my priority in fashion. What is the use of a beautiful dress if you don't feel comfy in it!
For example: you saw a dress with a lot of bling. Think that it will suit your party and buy it even you feel itchy in the testing room. At the end of the day, you have no great time or left it in your room because you rather wear your old dress. See, it affects your day!

For now I'm sticking to my style but I'm going to make sure that I'll improve my style.
Right now I'm more into t-shirts,jackets and skirts or shorts. yep, a combination of that.

Actually I went to buy some fabrics with my mum and aunt today. Had such a hard time to choose which one should I take. Never really buy a fabric with pattern so...yeah. I let them choose for me. Hope I'll get better with this thing.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Remembering my childhood friends

Been thinking about them lately. I wish can go back to that times. I still remember most of them
 Momoi(Darylene),Along(Asyraf),Nabil..tiba-tiba tiada berita,Mat(Taufik)jiran paling dekat.
They are the most close to me. Especially Momoi and Along.

Momoi, we've been in the same kindergarten then we got to Yuk Yin together. I didn't stay there. I moved to SFX. A year or two later she also moved in. Maybe we don't understand why do we go Chinese school at the moment. We played together a lot. Met her almost every evening, explore the school and climbed up the basket ball pole. We were so naughty back then!

We even have our own club! We did our first meeting like a pro...cheh! But sadly I have no picture of it. Camera was not my friend yet that time. huuu....Now we didn't even talk about it.

Along, I think I knew him before I knew Momoi. We were sent to the same kindergarten which is Rasa Sayang. Sometimes we went home together. Then we'll go the staff room looking for our mamas. Every teacher know us.

Oh, I was in Rasa Sayang before I moved to St.Margaret with Momoi.
I still remember how I questioned why Asyraf being called Along. Remeber the Along series in tv? I thought he was that! The tv series was my favorite. They go to different places and there was a slot where this girl will read the tables in rhyme. If I'm not mistaken it's Siti Sifir. I don't really like that part!

Actually they're a lot of things I want to type here but I guess the memories are too much and can't be described as words.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm knitting!

Yes, finally found something to knit. Remember the camera? It didn't come with a house so I'm making one for it. Started last Saturday. Should be done but laziness attack...hee~

Those pictures show how does it look so far. Please excuse the quality, it's the best I can do now. I was using my hand phone camera. The two digital cam got problem. haish....


Geram geram geram!!!!
He played and our Prime Minister was there!
Haiyo....I freak out after I watched this.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Alex Goot made a new cover!!!!

Harvest moon friend of mineral town~3

Back to harvest moon!

The hot spring!
So this is the hot spring. Very attractive huh? You can bring your character here at any time. I usually bring mine when she's tired and out of energy. If your character is too tired their face will turn blue and if they are don't gain energy immediately, they will collapse and sent to the hospital automatically.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm so Happy!

Yes, finally! I just had my very own camera!
No, I didn't but it. It's a prize from a contest I participated in February. I saw an Ad when I was on the site. It was so annoying in the first few minutes. But then I decided to take a look on it.
I was interested right away! One of the rules to enter is participant under 18 must have parents allowance. I jumped out of the chair and wake my mum up to get permission. It was so funny!
The competition was kinda easy but with thousand of participants the chances to win will be so little.
But I won and I'm so grateful.

It's not a dream camera. It's not even a digital camera.
It have no flash. It needs film. what?=.=
But yeah, I'm grateful! At least I have a camera to use if I go somewhere.
You know the good thing about this camera? It does not require batteries! I was like So cool!
And it is super light!

One thing I can't stop saying is it is so cute!

Cute right?
The official picture

Yeah, I know it is not so good for you but yeah. I'm thinking of buying the dream camera. I don't know the name but I will buy a camera that is also used by a photographer. For now this one should be good for me. To be a pro you have to learn from the basics right? n_n Hopefully I can try the camera used in black and white era one day.

Camera info~
Name:Ultra Wide& Slim
Colour:Olive San 
I learned something. Chances might come in an unexpected time. Sometimes, the things that keep bothering you are not always the bad one. Just spend enough time to understand it and proceed if you interested.

I saw the Ad, then I participated it.
I won for the stuff that was contested the time I joined the contest. 
Thanks God! I'm so grateful.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm so exited to do this!

ooh, what's that? Haha, nothing really much!
There's a project I'll be doing next week.
I call it: Heat Free~The Paper Curl Project

Q:What so exited? It just hair that is curled using paper.
A:Well, this is a project where I vary the way I curl my hair using paper.

This is how I do it...

I roll up my hair around the paper just like in the picture. You  can roll it until it reaches your head or when you get you desired length to be rolled.

Then you just make a tie as shown in the picture above.

This is the pattern that I drew. The knot on the head resembles where I will roll my hair. I assume that different ways makes different results.

More information about this should be next next week. Can't wait to start it!