Thursday, April 28, 2011

today is day I finished reading the book...

yep, I finished the book today. Around 4.22 p.m I guess. But I still won't make this blog specific about it. I'll reread the novel. Well, only cursorily. 
I'm so tired but I really want to blog.

Up and had first driving lesson today. Then went with my mum to workshop to send my farther's car keys. After that went to have breakfast, I was starving!~We went to this restaurant and chose to the table next to family of three. They have little girl with them and she was on the baby chair. Suddenly she turned back and smiled at us. I was like(aww, cute!) Her mom said, terlampau mesra. Yes she was. When her mom let her off the the baby chair she laughed and ran toward me! We all smiled. She didn't get to me though, the bay chair was between us~ After that, we went to relitop, then to hp furniture. I went to Perniagaan Lee where bought a few stuff while waiting for my mum from the bank and I ran into Ratnah. She works there and I knew it so it wasn't a coincidence. 

Oh, while I was waiting my mum to pick me after the lesson, I saw this guy passed by and he turned back for a second. I recognize him immediately though he dyed his hair(it suited him perfectly. at least I think like that). It took him maybe 2 to 3 second to recognize me and turned back. He walked towards me and we greeted each other.Then there were a short conversation. He asked the usual questions people would ask when you ran into them after long time no see. After that he walked away and I kept waiting for my mum. Well, I must say that he's kind of...oh never mind( I want to write it here but it it suited more in my manual diary..and because you know him) Oh well, that guy from the class next to mine... he did made me smile upon trying to know him last year. And today too... 

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