Sunday, April 17, 2011


Masa macam inilah saya sangat bersemangat mau tulis blog. Very stress with all this thing and I have a feeling that it won't end soon. Maybe after few months. Still have to write my answers for interview. Had the answers but struggling to make it better. Well, life.....

I lost my necklace! My aunt gave it to me.(p/s i'm still confused should i call her aunty or sister. she's a nun)I took it off and put it on my table because I'm going to shower. After that I forgot to wear it back and later I just can't find it! This is the problem when you have to share your table with other. The laptop and monitor are placed on my table and now everyone use this table. Wuargh...God help me! I can't sit well, eat well, please calm me down and help me to get through this.

My mom brought me to Veron to trim up my hair. I waited for 10 minutes or more because there were a lot of customer. Well, people like her and so do I! The moment she started to to trim my hair I was like...Oh My! My hair!(of course only in my heart)banyak urang bah tu! She was using the straightener on my hair and I was heat protectant? (once more, only in my heart)ooh, this was before she started to trim my hair. But in the end, I like it and my hair still long! I want my hair long! Wish there is Rapunzel hair serum.

Then we went to servay, my mom allowed me to pick a clothe and a pants. But I only take a clothe and a sandal. Don't think that I need a new pants for now. Oh my! The moment I saw the clothe for the first time I fell in love with it immediately! I rarely have this feeling! It was a casual dress, pink and white colour. I think I'm going to wear it with pants or legging with I haven't buy yet. Can't find one in servay.
I was naughty this day! While I was in the fitting room I snapped pictures of me in that dress. I know it's illegal but...hehehe

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