Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Remembering my childhood friends

Been thinking about them lately. I wish can go back to that times. I still remember most of them
 Momoi(Darylene),Along(Asyraf),Nabil..tiba-tiba tiada berita,Mat(Taufik)jiran paling dekat.
They are the most close to me. Especially Momoi and Along.

Momoi, we've been in the same kindergarten then we got to Yuk Yin together. I didn't stay there. I moved to SFX. A year or two later she also moved in. Maybe we don't understand why do we go Chinese school at the moment. We played together a lot. Met her almost every evening, explore the school and climbed up the basket ball pole. We were so naughty back then!

We even have our own club! We did our first meeting like a pro...cheh! But sadly I have no picture of it. Camera was not my friend yet that time. huuu....Now we didn't even talk about it.

Along, I think I knew him before I knew Momoi. We were sent to the same kindergarten which is Rasa Sayang. Sometimes we went home together. Then we'll go the staff room looking for our mamas. Every teacher know us.

Oh, I was in Rasa Sayang before I moved to St.Margaret with Momoi.
I still remember how I questioned why Asyraf being called Along. Remeber the Along series in tv? I thought he was that! The tv series was my favorite. They go to different places and there was a slot where this girl will read the tables in rhyme. If I'm not mistaken it's Siti Sifir. I don't really like that part!

Actually they're a lot of things I want to type here but I guess the memories are too much and can't be described as words.

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