Thursday, October 13, 2016

Something that bothers me....

This is something that I need to write, to let it off my chest and to make other people think.

I hate it when people say well I guess hate is a strong word
" What are you worrying for, you have parents who can provide you. They're both working."

You know, the town where I live is not a big town, but it is not small enough for us to avoid paying for gas, water, electricity and etc. I have four sisters and they're studying across the sea.
I'm lucky, indeed, because I'm provided with allowance. My sisters however have to depend solely on my parents. Their living expenses are even higher than mine.
I receive my allowance. I can try to minimize my use of money, and I can even pick the cheapest route to go home, by bus. My sisters have no other choices, they need to get on the plane to get home.
Students know how hard it is to maintain a sane lifestyle with limited amount of money. So don't you dare say that I don't need to worry.
I am not the only child to be fed.
Maybe, maybe people just don't understand that I'm trying to learn managing my money from now on. I'm trying to create a balance in my wants and my needs. If it still work and it doesn't cause me any problem, then why should I get a new one?

Unless I'm starving myself to death, you shouldn't be saying things like that to me.
I eat, a lot more than you think.