Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Captured with Olive san ^^

~It has been a long time since I post something with pictures~
~So here are some of  my favourite pictures~
National Park with Soleha and Beatrice.

Last day at Kg. Kaung.

SYD 3 with the seniors.

Early morning in Holy Cross Toboh.

Holy Cross Toboh during SYD 3.

View from my room. I was playing with the effect. 

Before going to St. Paul, Balung. My strength ^^

Celine, Wewen, Lion, Lelen, Echa
My girls^^

My friends rehearsing.
One of my most favourite. You can see why.
I've been constantly deleting my last words for this entry. Guess I don't have anything left to say because those pictures did their job.
Hope you enjoyed those pictures ^^

Monday, May 27, 2013

an entry ^^

~I never thought that campus activity could take my time that much~

I've left this blog for a while but right now I am sitting in my living room. The tv is on and 'Phineas and Ferb' is in the air. I paid my sleep and spent the whole day crocheting. This feeling of being home is so good.
The holiday has started and I feel so good. The start of my holiday was very special. I am blessed to join the camp^^. I shall talk about it in another entry.
Last semester was quite hard on me. There were so many things I couldn't manage but I get to move on somehow. It felt as if I just started campus again, from zero. I had no clue about what will happen at most of the time. I felt terrible at my study, I fought terribly with someone and I that something I was afraid of came true. If I should draw a straight line resembling my first semester of degree program, you'll see that there were a lot of ups and downs. If I should list down everything I've been through, I won't be able to remember everything or...Or more like I don't want to remember them.
But to think of it again, straight line is boring and the things I don't want to remember now might be the most precious memories in the future. The ones that I'll hold dearly in my heart. So I'll take notes on last semester and be ready to face what the next seven semesters have for me.
~That's all for this entry and happy holiday~