Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Captured with Olive san ^^

~It has been a long time since I post something with pictures~
~So here are some of  my favourite pictures~
National Park with Soleha and Beatrice.

Last day at Kg. Kaung.

SYD 3 with the seniors.

Early morning in Holy Cross Toboh.

Holy Cross Toboh during SYD 3.

View from my room. I was playing with the effect. 

Before going to St. Paul, Balung. My strength ^^

Celine, Wewen, Lion, Lelen, Echa
My girls^^

My friends rehearsing.
One of my most favourite. You can see why.
I've been constantly deleting my last words for this entry. Guess I don't have anything left to say because those pictures did their job.
Hope you enjoyed those pictures ^^


b0m^2 said...

lawa2 .. :D
kasi tinguk sia yang lain nanti ah ehheehe

Claire said...

bulih ba. haha

b0m^2 said...

kasi besar bh gambar kau............. hehehehehe