Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strangers in my life

I've always think about strangers in my life and I only realized it a year ago

I was having my pre test for my driving licence
I was not lucky because for the first test the car slide down from the hill
But I weren't alone
A guy who seems familiar 
He must have been my schoolmate before
Maybe he was that guy who sang the lovely kids song during children's day
Anyway, we were given second chance
My turn was after him
I felt the nervousness when he did the test
And when he made it 
He parked the car, went out with a big smile
His face redden .

I proceed with the test and that time I pressed down the accelerator all I can 
To my surprise I passed the test
It was a very relieving moment
I see the guy passed the other two tests 
I did too.

I thought a lot about strangers after that day
And to be honest, I was exposed to people's behaviour only when I started my driving lessons
Which might be the main reason for all of this.

There is someone that I still call stranger though I've been talking to him online through a site 
It's fun talking to him
We agree and argue on things
I still have no idea on his real name and his real look
But I'm comfortable that way
At least for now
He cheered my boring time after I finished SPM
He is still a stranger 
Yet I like talking to him
I will never forget a stranger like him.

Sometimes the one that leaves impression was the person I only see for few seconds
Maybe the ones who smiled at me
The one who helped me when I was lost in town
The one who offered a helping hand when I carried too much things with me.

It comes too me that we leave impression in everywhere we go
Some impressions might be lovely
Some impressions might not be good at all
But they inspire me to see how people are
Without getting too attached on them
And let the thought of them ruin my feeling.

I believe that I will meet more strangers in my life
And those strangers might even stay for some times or forever in my life.

Dear strangers,
Thank you because you made my day
Even when what happen wasn't pleasing 
I still appreciate because God had decided to let me experience those events and things.


b0m^2 said...

wau hahaha
who's that pokemon>..?? haha

Claire said...

hhaha. pokemon?

b0m^2 said...

iya.... sepa ni ..?? bf baru kau ..? ahha

Claire said...

lucu. ada pun nda pernah inikan lagi baru

b0m^2 said...

bhhahahha ^^