Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The highlight in the picture above is the date located at the bottom right of the picture.
Of course I don't want the chance to post an entry on this repetitive date. I think it is awesome. 
My sister is blessed because she turned twelve today. That make it a total of four 'twelves'. 
Some people said that it is just the date, but I disagree. They said so because they have no effort in making the date worth to remember. You can make any date special but in the list of dates, the unique ones are very rare. You don't even know whether you are going to be alive or not on the next unique date. Do you think you are going to live to see 13.13.13? That must be crazy! 
For me, this is one of the things that make life interesting! You just have to make an effort for it.
The time is currently 10.12 PM in my country. 
Go on and make this day memorable for you! 

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