Friday, January 27, 2012

Sneak peak on what I did today

Went out at 1600 + today to take my driving license.
Now I am a 

I wonder how much time I'll need to gather my courage. I mean I drove the car around my neighbourhood. I haven't make it to the town by myself yet. fuu, I'll need to work on that

After that went to cari makan with mommy, Sayrah and Agile. Took a lot of random pictures along the way (since I was in good mood and I missed my camera so much. didn't used it for a few days)

Keningau Mall

The traffics were moving slowly so I took the chance to snap this picture. When I still had my driving lesson mommy will drop me here and the tutor will fetch me. It was raining so I didn't want to open the window. That explain how blurry the picture is.  
The same goes to most of the other pictures.

Tzu Chi Recycle Collection Station

Pustaka Evergreen
Favourite place to buy stationery and revision books.
But the reason I went there this evening was to buy the P sticker.
Not sure if it still  no.1 since Adamas Bookstore is now opened.
meh~didn't get the best angle but do you see the BB1M poster over there? Sigh, if only I have that.
Saw a customer trying to figure out what else she could get with the voucher. #jealous

Then stopped by this cute little cake shop

Oh look at those cupcakes!

Agile picked the one with Minnie Mouse. Mint flavoured.
Didn't picked one though since I was in the mood of eating rice.
More pictures...

Agile, mommy and Sayrah

I was I'm not fan of angry bird but this one is really cute!

After that we went to New Star Cafe which I haven't visited for years. 
The food!
Gotta say their Bak Kut Teh was very delicious. 

The drink! Teh C special!

Okay, I had two Teh C special this week. I still remember the waiter's reaction when I asked for 3 layers drink. I had to be quick and correct my order. They don't call it 3 layers here. Just Teh C special.

Wow super long post today. I am really in the mood of blogging. Plus, I haven't blogged like this for quite some times.
ya ya I know~ lots of random pictures and they are not the best from me.
But I hope you enjoyed reading this post ;)
Omg I think my grammar is crying  : l
Good night peeps!

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