Tuesday, May 22, 2012

He will answer

I can't help but typing it all here,
I've been thinking of it all the time without even realize it.

She said that when I meet that special one,
He will make me accept the way I am now,
He will make me forgot the terrible feelings and situations that I had before,
He will lead me to the future in faith.
I will fall for him the way I should.

In that very short time conversation,
She told me how she have changed.
She told me how God have answered her prayers,
That was when I know where did she get her happiness.

I didn't pray for that.
All I did was just avoiding things.
I kept convincing myself that I did the right thing.
The truth is, I've been doing it the wrong way.

So right now I'll be waiting for that moment.
God have answered her prayer,
I believe that He will answer mine too.

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