Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Foods in Eastern Plaza

Went to Eastern Plaza the other day. I had been wanting to try the food from this one stall in EP so when I got the chance I grabbed it quickly. I forgot the name, but I know that it start with 'Nyonya'. Ordered Nasi kuning with rendang kambing. was so delicious. Now I know a place where I can get one of my favourite food. 

Nasi kuning with Rendang Kambing
I give two thumbs up for the rendang but I'm not really into the sambal. Maybe it's just me. But overall the food was very delicious.

While I was waiting for Lelen I went to buy her two sets of Takoyaki. I was not in the mood of moving around so I just stayed there and watch the process of preparing the Takoyaki.

Japan Boat Takoyaki

She was quite excited when I started to take pictures


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