Monday, February 14, 2011

Talking 14Feb and ...heh!

14 February? Well it is just another day like everyone say. So why do I want to talk about it?
Before I get into secondary school I thought I'm going to celebrate valentine day with someone.
Huahahaha! It's a little funny...

Now it's kinda one of the date I'm waiting for each month. Why? The very next day I'll be having a monthly picture. Must be on 15 hb. The date of my birthday.

Back to 14 February. I still remember the day when one of my friend got chocolate from someone. Cadbury chocolate with Hazelnut. She shared it with us(me and other classmate). I was thinking why do she want to share it with us? If I'm the one who was given the chocolate, I'll be hiding it in my beg. Will tell no one. Sigh, I was hoping for someone to give me one.

That year he was separated from our class. His exam results weren't good enough to make him stay with us. Well, we never get together though. Never even talk. There was 'hi' and 'bye' sometimes.
When we were in form 2, when 2007 was still young, we did talk. I thought things between us will get better again. I thought we'll be chatting again like we did the year before. But it end up with my disbelieve when he told me his real birthday is actually on March. Why didn't I believe? Now I know that not all birthday date on people IC are real.

Before the PMR exam, our class need to use another class because our class will be used for that exam. When we go home that evening we actually did talk! Smile on my face all the way home. He actually talked to me! Crushing again, but then I realized it's not a good thing to do as me to him.

There's someone I know who's birthday is on 14 Feb. My classmate before but he moved to another school. I used to have a big crush on him. Only crush. Probably the longest crush I ever had. For two years maybe. How do I know that? After he moved, I started to realized that he(the one I talked earlier) moved too. How can I didn't realize he moved? I know that I'm still in love with him until now. He was the first one. It'll never changed. It's a little funny because I have my first love but I have never been in a relationship!

I've been writing this blog since yesterday! It's now 12.18 a.m. I started around 11.30 + +.
Anyway, Happy Valentine Day to all! It's not necessary to have a partner to celebrate this day.
You can just wake up, go to Hiap Lee or any other stores you prefer, buy a chocolate or your favourite food and eat them.

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