Sunday, February 20, 2011

I never really done something like this why not?

1. take a picture of yourself now

2. do not change your clothes, do not fix your hair. just take a picture

3. post that picture with NO editing

4. post these instructions with your picture

5. tag 10 people to do this


Hee...jarang2 ba saya buat benda yang men tag2 ni. Tapi ini macam best jadi buat sajalah. Nasib ada kamera. Hoho...I was wearing my very favourite clothes. I always use it when I'm going to bed. If I'm not mistaken my mummy made it when I was 10 years old. Sampai sekarang masih bagus dan masih muat. All of my cousins know this clothes. About the girl in the picture. I think I added numbers to my weight. No....I have to admit that I'm out from my healthy eating style this week. Ghahaha! I'm laughing because I'm doing this! It is almost 1 a.m

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