Saturday, February 12, 2011

So, I'm not blogging so often right?

I love blogging but right now I haven't have something to encourage me. Huahahaha, why so? you are not going to answer anyway....hee..>.<

Recently, maybe it was last night, I've been thinking about gaining followers? Why have blog but have nothing in it and no followers?...
Will think of gaining follower later. I know it will be hard because here is not like tumblr where you can say follow me or promo for promo. Yeah, I've been thinking about tumblr but I guess not now. Save it for later where my life will get busier then ever and I need something to encourage me online. Other than Facebook~hee

maybe other reason is I'm a little tired of html. I joined about a year ago after I deactivate my facebook. When you want to post pictures, put music in diaries, profile background...everything is about html. It even attack my diaries sometimes. I was sharing something and when I click beautiful html language appears. Really hurts my eyes!Luckily I found this very helpful group namely TinierMe HTML Guild. I'm not so mad after that.

I know this blog is not free from html. It's an online program anyway. Which websites do not require html?
I'll be learning it later. Now focus on vocal training.

I think that is all today.
Will encourage myself to blog often.
And hope that I will be gaining more followers.

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