Thursday, February 24, 2011

Talking Justin Bieber

Well, as the title said. I just need to write my opinions somewhere so why not here?
I don't remember when did I knew him. But I do remember how. I sister was on the laptop then she played a song in youtube(if I'm not mistaken). She asked me"you think it's a guy or a girl?". I was like, 'uhm, a boy?" it sounded a little bit like a girl but if there's nothing wrong she won't ask me like that. Then she said to me,"sounded like a girl right?" . She asked me to watch it video but I refused I said I was lazy but I think it was because I was shocked that it was a boy. She played it a few times so I just listened to it. The next time when I was thinking of him I imagined him as a young boy with a blonde hair. And guess what he is!

For me he is one of the lucky YouTube musician to be discovered.
What we can clearly see now is a lot of people hate him. I watch a youtube video before and I saw more dislikes than likes. It was the first time I ever watch a video with more disliker. Well, it's their choice to push which button.

The first reaction when I first saw his face was like, indescribable. I didn't know whether I think him cute or what. I have to admit that I like some of his songs.

I think the things that made me dislike him was his music video. I just think that he's too young for that scene. I watched like two or three and then I decided not to like him. That was last year I think. Now things are different. He's getting older and I can't wait to see what will he look like later.  Hope he will sing a better song.

Hitz fm shared a link few days ago. It was a video of CSI, the episode where Bieber showed up. It's the scene when Bieber got shots and die. All the comments to video were wishing it would be real, wishing him to really die. I was so bothered by that. Dunno if get so religious or what but wishing or someone to die is too much!

Okay, that is all my opinion. Maybe few things missing but that's okay with me. I 'm neutral about him. I don't love but I don't hate it either. You can find me singing his song or giving bad comments on him. Well, I guess that's all and sorry I you don't like my topic. n.n

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