Monday, February 21, 2011

How did I became a YouTuber?

YouTube was not an odd thing for me. I just don't watch videos in YouTube a lot.
Last year I forced myself to look for instrumental songs in YouTube because we need it for drama.
After the drama ended, then I kinda forgot that YouTube existed. wow...

Then one day(still last year), I was just boring maybe. Nothing to do so...I actually forgot how did I suddenly opened youtube page. Maybe I was just too stressed, face worsen and I just want this acne to get off my face.
So I searched how to make my own mask at home. I searched a lot but some videos are annoying. They talk more which I hated. Well, they weren't talking something useful. 

Suddenly I pressed this one video and I really like the content. All the steps she showed were so easy to follow and she was using stuff that I can get easily. I found more videos of her and kind of addicted to her.  
I made an account soon after that. Then I found more videos and they're not all about the mask thing. I started to watch videos about hair, and make up which I only watch and never try them.. Actually I did try some. Hee~

After that, checking my subscriptions was like something I must do everyday. That weren't the only things I searched. I like music, so searched for singer. I like digital art, so searched for photoshop tutorial. Sometimes I even searched for the drama that I've missed.

Here are my favourite channels:

Check them out. Especially the last one.

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