Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Glad I have it back!

     I lost my passion in camera for a while and I really glad I have it back. I just raped my camera!Lol! I really try to be as creative as I can like I always did before. Gonna make edit some of them a little bit later before uploading it to facebook.ghahahaha! Owh damn! I can't use this photoshop! What is wrong with it!Now I have to find another editor program.
     Maybe I'm gonna be uploading a video to my youtube account. hee...I had two videos already but I really want to do something different. I was thinking of me sing. Singing has been my biggest passion since I was little but I lost it. I feel shame to sing infront others, my voice won't come out and if it did it won't sound good even if I know I can do better. So I  guess I'll be working on it again. I'm in vocal practice right now. I found a site with free lesson and I really love it... gah! I made a timetable on practice and yesterday was the first day. I'll do the one for today later when the sun is up, it's actually dawn right now. Hope I'll make it!
     Going to library later! Will look for novels~I've been so boring!Plus I'm gonna look on how the writers wrote their novels, you know how they make the chapters, the first person or third person point of view~, magazine~ah, that knitting things!~I've been waiting for the moment when I go library with no books and I can search all the racks!

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