Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Almost all my friends go to work while I'm staying at home. Well, I said almost right? hehehe...I'm not the only one stay at home. I'm not actually stay at home and do nothing. I take driving lesson. Hopefully I'll pass the computer test this Friday, please please please! I'll read and memorize and sacrifice my online time! I have to admit that it's a little boring to stay at home all the time, but after I think again, never mind. I'm not going to stay at home forever. Better appreciate this moment! This could be the last time I stay at home for a long time. Plus, I can communicate with my friends via facebook. One of my friend, he's so funny! Suddenly a chat box appear around 3 a.m and it is him asking me to to play poker! I was like, poker? What is that? It so obvious that I know nothing about poker! huahahaha!!!! And he kept telling what to do for the games. Honestly. I laugh alone at early morning...very early..it's not even dawn yet at that time....now, I still wan't to laugh....hahaha

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