Monday, July 15, 2013

The Wind Blows

The weather were just calming down
So there I was, taking a walk
Everything seems fine, the colours were all soft
And how stupid I was, to stay outside for too long

In the middle of the field I stood
Smiling as a feeling of peace sneaked into my soul
A swirl of air formed, but I can barely see it
And without my consciousness
The wind blows

Startled, I said nothing
But I stood there, not knowing what to do
I've come so far to feel this way
But now that the wind blows
I can never forget how it made me feels.

1 comment:

Vlary Henry said...

Just gotta have that moment where the cold wind swept through our body and we just kinda like.. reminiscing about the future. How it would be like and wishes that we could just stay the way it is right now..