Monday, July 22, 2013

Dear future me... ~ Blog Challenge Day 22

Hi there, it's you. It's you from back then, talking to the future you. 

You had no idea about 'you' in the future. So you had no idea on what to write. You, when you were writing this, had no idea if you'll still be the same. If you remember, you thought that you will never change the way you are. But you did change. You became a better person. Just better, you'd say. You were sure that you'll still be the same person, but you were also sure that, you've probably achieved something. Whatever it is, you hope that it's something that you will be proud of.

No matter what kind of life you'll live in the future, don't forget to look back sometimes and be grateful for what you've been through. Looking back is not a bad thing, it's a reminder of your tracks in this world. A reminder of what made you 'you'. A reminder that you are at the moment, alive. 

You have decided to take the route that you have found there. Never walk out of it. You have gone through a lot of obstacles, and you know there's more waiting ahead of you. For sure they'll be tougher. But never be discouraged for He'll always be with you. Focus and listen to the soft whisper of His angels. 
One more thing, be patient. His timing is the best.

Enjoy your life the way it is now, so that later in your life, when you look back, you'll smile with no regrets. 

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