Wednesday, July 24, 2013

If I have a million dollar ~ Blog Challenge Day 24

Ignore the dollar in the title, you know which currency I'm talking about right? 

I thought of this question before, but I've never really had a solid answer. Well, to think that it's quite impossible and how much extra things I'll need to deal with. I just need enough money to survive and to get a few things that I desire.

If I have a million dollar, I'll take maybe a little amount, just enough, and give the rest to my parents. I believe they know how to handle it better. They are always working hard to feed us so I think it's just right to give them the money. If the money stays with me, they'll just rust in the bank. I wouldn't make anything good out of it. 

I would love to make some donation. Back then I wouldn't think of it but I read this one book. The way it describe how the donation boxes in grocery store are always abandoned, made me feel ashamed of myself. Those extra coins when I receive my balance, it wouldn't hurt to insert a coin or maybe two right? To think that I was worried that people around me will turn to look at me. sigh. I should really work on that. Therefore, if I have the opportunity to give just a little bit more, I would love to do so.

That's all I would do, I guess. 
A million dollar is a huge amount of money so a good management is needed. I don't have the skill so I better not get all at once (like it would happen :p) haha~


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