Saturday, July 20, 2013

I go out ~ Blog Challenge Day 20

Two weeks ago, I was in the church attending morning mass with my friends. In front of our row were this auntie and her little son. I have always seen this auntie before but it was the first time I've seen her with her son. I was touched when I saw her son went on his knee before entering the row with her. 

My my, that little boy has so much energy. He was constantly talking to us, showing us his scars and play with our stuff. At some point I was getting annoyed (well, having a lot of siblings make me good at getting annoyed), but I tried to play along with him. I mean I tried to stay calm and focus on the preaching. I'm glad that I made it somehow. 

Then the magic happens. It was maybe after the communion, because I remember I instantly talked to my friend. The little boy was standing on the bench. I realize that he was waving at a little girl. He doesn't seem like he know her. They were just like, instantly become each other's friend. My heart was suddenly filled with blooming flowers. I felt inspired. 

It was one of the most beautiful things that had happened to me this year. It was beautiful to see children, whose hearts are still pure, getting to know each other. When they become someone's friend, they have no other intention other than being friends with them. They don't judge. They treat people around them equally. Even with strangers. 

I've mentioned before that I'm always inspired by strangers. So in order to get inspired, I go out. Maybe the word stranger is not good enough but that's how I like to describe them. Some strangers I met are now among the most important person in my life. Well, all kinds of relationship start with being friend with strangers right?

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not only inspired by strangers. It is just happen to be the most appealing things to me since I rarely meet new people when I was so much younger. So when I began stepping into the outer world, I was mesmerized at how much things I've overlooked. 

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Beatrice Anthony said...

yeah mandy, I can still recall that moment clearly. That time, I knew that He was trying to tell us something. Feeling so blessed!