Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ten years later ~ Blog Challenge Day 26

~I do not know what to expect but I've learned to dream and find hope in everything~

Earlier this year, in a camp, we made a board where we would paste pictures of what we think will happen to us, ten years from now. My head itch from trying to figure out which picture should I cut from the magazine. Figuring the future is so much fun, yet full of doubts and uncertainties. 

So, I looked back at it. I saw the royal couple's picture. I saw a family of three, having breakfast together. I saw a picture of a child, with violin in her hand. I saw a picture of maybe a band. There's even a picture of a few nuns, walking in some kind of village. But the pictures that has my whole attention are the maps and the train. 

So I tried to figure out what I just predicted. It was more like a hope, I guess.
Maybe ten years later, I already have my own family. With children. Oh my. Or maybe I'll be that kind of girl, who never stay at one place. I said so because of the map and the train. Who knows maybe I'll be traveling the world, just like what I dreamed off. I want to go to Ireland, Paris, Japan and China. With the nuns' picture, maybe I'll have the chance to visit Bethlehem too. Yes, I want to visit those places. I think, I will spend most of my time travelling. Who knows I might find marvelous adventures and maybe the one, while travelling. 

Ten years later...
there's someone who is just like me, waiting to be revealed. She is a better person than she was, right now. And she's waiting patiently for me to shape her. She's not telling me what she sees. So I'll wait patiently and enjoy what life brings to me right now. 

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