Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teachers ~ Blog Challenge Day 23

I’ll take this as a chance to acknowledge the teachers who made me who I am today. No, I’m not going to write their names. I have never been too excited with teacher’s day, actually. I don’t know why. I think everyday should be teacher’s day. Not just one particular day to be extra nice to them. No, it doesn’t work like that. That is my honest opinion.

               I still remember a few teachers who gave a lot of impact towards me, and I’m sure my ex-classmates too. That one teacher, he was a trainee, he was already married, he told us, and he has children around our age. I remember him because he treated us as if we were his children. My eyes feel watery now.

There’s this teacher, she was already retired but she held tuition. My English was very very bad during that time, so father sent me to her. She was very nice towards us and the method she used was very good. I didn’t realize that until the day I got my UPSR result. I have never met her again after I finished primary school, but I have always remembered her.

In secondary school, I met another teacher. Again, my father sent me to her. It was not hard to get along with her. She has a good sense of humor too. To tell you the truth, I developed love in English when I was learning with her. She was able to show what I can do with English.

I want to go on and on and on but I can’t describe them I way I wanted. Plus my headache is killing me right now…So I guess I better end this right here and doze off.

Dear teacher, what I know now is everything you told me. Maybe I learned new things without your guidance, but I wouldn't have the initiative if you didn't encourage me to do so. This rarely come from me but, I love you, teachers ^^

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