Monday, July 15, 2013

Favourite Songs ~ Blog Challenge Day 15

~I was close to giving up, but here I am still writing~

I have no favourite -oh this might be my favourite line now-
I don't even know which genre I love the most. 
There's is song though, I love the melody.
I've been spending years, humming that melody, and even try to make my own song with that kind of rhythm.
I just got to know the title few months ago. It was a song I heard as a child. A song from Indonesian Band. 
I really miss it when songs were simple...

That's why I prefer evergreen songs.
 As a child, I listen to oldies almost all of the times. My parents love those songs.
I do not know much but I guess that the fun of it. Listen something new from the past.

Here is a list of oldies that I know:
1. Seven lonely days.
2. Words.
3. The Wedding.
4. Only You.
5. Country road.
6. Sealed With A Kiss.
7. Forever Young.
8. Close to You.
9. Sad Movie.
10. Obladi Oblada. 
I can't remember the rest....
Forgive me if I spell any song titles wrongly. I only know the title as most of the songs I heard are already been covered by some younger singers. 

Often when I have no I idea of what song to listen to, Gospel songs will do. 
~There's nothing better than listening to Him~

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