Sunday, July 21, 2013

Girls talk eh? ~ Blog Challenge Day 21

Some girly talks are just meant for girls, so I'll be filtering things. miahaha
So I immediately think of looks, you know make up, clothes and etc... because we're girls, I assume that you know that. 

My first priority in fashion is comfort. So if I don't feel comfortable in an attire, I might think twice or thrice before wearing it again.I enjoy matching a piece with another piece but I never really put them on. Make up, well it looks good on other people. Perfume, hardly like any. Only on certain occasions. Shoes, flat sandals and wedges. To tell the truth, I spent more attention on my hair.

One thing I'm kind of addicted to is, natural ingredients. 
I like watching and reading tutorials on DIY mask, using ingredients around us. I've watched many but only tried some. My favourite is the one using yogurt and oat. I've read in magazine that soy milk prevent hair growth, and surprisingly it works! Only tried it once though, out of curiosity. Maybe the weirdest thing I've ever done was making my own papaya vinegar. The book I read claims that it can be used as a toner. I agree, but I prefer mixing it with hot water and steam face with it. It was a great experience, except for the smell. I can go on and on but then I won't stop writing...

I actually dreamed of working full time in crafting. Yes, I like crafts. I like DIY things. I like crochet the most. I can spend the whole day crocheting if I want to. I like it when my bed is covered with balls of yarns. I crochet even during lecture, to kill time and to prevent my eyes from shutting down. 
And I'm willing to learn more, because they're just so exciting to explore. You'll never know what you could produce until you've done it. Last year holiday, I tried sewing guided by my aunt. Phew it was a lot of work. But I love the satisfaction after finishing my so called project. According to my eyes, it's not good enough but I'll make sure to practice more in the future :)

So, is this girly enough? ehehe. Like I wrote up there, some girly talks are just meant for girls so that makes me have less things to write. Anyway, hope you enjoyed and bye~

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