Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dream Vacations ~ Blog Challenge Day 7

As a child, I dreamed of going to oversea. I wanted to touch snow so badly.
The only countries I knew back then were America and England. So I kept saying that I one day I will visit at least one of those countries. 
I still dream of that now. I want to get buried in the snow, despite the fact that I can't even stand the early morning cold in Kundasang.
I want to visit Ireland and America for its weather, and by that I mean winter.
I want to visit Japan and China for their foods.

And I guess the most important place is the ~Vatican City~ 
I want to pray in the church over there. 
My aunt showed me some pictures that her friends had taken during their trip to Jerusalem. As a child, those pictures were just pictures but amazingly I remember those pictures until now. 
If I can only visit one county, it will be between the Vatican City or Jerusalem because I want to visit the place where He'd stand before. I want to see the view He could possibly saw.  

See, I'm not good in this dreaming thingy but I'm satisfied with this one ^^


wednesdayxo said...

one of mine is Vatican City too ^^

Nurul Syafiqah said...

It's your choice, mandy. if your dream vacation is everywhere around the world, then do it, I say :)