Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Life Outside ~ Blog Challenge Day 10

~ Live to your definition of life ~

Nothing too great I must say. My routine is almost the same. I meet the same people everyday but amazingly I never feel bored. In my previous post, I mentioned that I didn’t have the kind of life that people would describe as ‘life’. Nevertheless, I think I still have life. I think I still live and feel the same way. Well, I began to actually go out with my friends. They opened up my eyes to every possibility in our life.

One thing about me, I enjoy time of my own. That’s why sometimes when I’m out to town with my friends, I tend to walk alone. It’s challenging and it’s comfortable. I’ll get to see things from my own perspective and I have time to think, to hear what I truly feel at that time, and I can see what are the things happening around me. I just happen to find comfort in that way.

Of course I do go out with my friends. I don’t walk alone that often. At most of the time, I’ll be walking here and there with them. We’ll decide where we’ll eat and what to do to kill time.  Sometimes, we’ll just waste time at any random restaurant. We ordered drinks only and sit there for like almost an hour. I feel bad sometimes but hey, I bought drinks. Sometimes, we’ll just enter any random store and linger, then we’ll 
come out empty handed. I lied. I’ll probably get something that I will never use. Girls’ problem.

Again, it’s hard for me to actually open up about these things. It sounds too personal but I take this as the opportunity to make a few things clearer to those around me.

That’s all for now … Goodnight ^^ 

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