Thursday, July 4, 2013

Inspirations ~ Blog Challenge Day 4

Inspirations isn't something you can easily get. When I first started writing, my ideas were way worst than the way I write now. I had to hold my laugh and bear my red face whenever I read my old writing. But I sure had the idea, I wish I had wrote them nicer.

I get inspirations everywhere. Depend on the situations I'm in. Sometimes while I was crossing the road. Sometimes when I'm watching movies, having a conversation with a friend and even with strangers. Whenever I get new ideas of what to write, it always feel like I have a light bulb turned on above my head.
It always feel good.
It always feel as if I'm alive.
Alright alright I know I'm being too expressive here

Strangers actually inspires me a lot. It's beautiful how someone you never met before can suddenly mean something to you. In these few year I think I have encountered many situations with strangers. Some are good and some are ... well. They leave a pretty deep impression to me.
So if you see me going to places doing nothing but looking at other people, don't mind me. So far, my favourite place is the airport.

~I guess it's good to end this challenge with something I wrote recently
As I let the sun wipes my face, these words came into my mind~

I stayed in the dark because I was afraid of the sun.
It can be too bright that I can't even open my eyes
 to see what I'm suppose to see. 
So I stayed in the dark where I can hear sobs but can't see them
where I can hear laughter and smile along without being noticed.


Dephnie Dewi said...

I feel you Mandy. Sometimes, the best way to be inspire is by minding your surrounding .. as for me, I love long ride..that's why I never mind taking bus from Tawau-KK, KK-Tawau. I just open my eyes and think about life in's calming..

Nurul Syafiqah said...

that piece you wrote, it's beautiful :)

Juhainie zue said...

i do agree with wrote it beautifully..I dont think I can even form a sentence of that.
I guess it's a talent!

Claire said...

Dephnie: I agree, it's calming :)

Echa & Jue: thank you ^^